The All New Tesla CyberTruck

On the 21st of November 2019, Elon Musk unveiled the all-new, all-electric Tesla CyberTruck at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Ange

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wins 100th Nobel Peace Prize.


Modi-Xi meet: Chennai China history

Past Connections Chennai and China share a very old history with each other. Modi planned to meet the Chinese president to spotlight the great history of China and Chennai. During the ancie

Shared Dreams, Bright Futures.

The historical union of the largest democracies of the world- INDIA and AMERICA, represented by their Prime Ministers, PM Modi and PM Trump at the NSG Stadium in Houston shared the stage wit

Arun Jaitley : The Leader Of All Seasons

One of the top economists of our times, ex-finance minister and the strongest and the most hardworking pillars of the Bharatiya Janata Party passed away at AIIMS hospital in New Delhi. Mr...