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10 unpopular facts you probably haven’t heard of





It is no surprise that the world is filled with undiscovered facts. They not only blow your mind but also quench one’s thirst for the curiosity of the unknown. It gives a feeling of triumph as if we’ve accomplished something worthwhile by simply gaining new and more information. Hearing a fact you’ve never heard of also makes you wonder how little you actually know about certain things.

So give in to your curiosity and indulge yourself in 10 unpopular facts you probably haven’t heard of. Get ready to be attacked with facts.


Fact 1: Chocolate pudding’s doppelganger

Image result for black sapota"

Black sapota is a fruit known for having a taste unremarkably similar to that of chocolate pudding. The fruit is native to Central America. It is a very tasty yet healthy alternative to dessert. It can also be infused with various other ingredients to make way for an exotic flavour of ice cream and other desserts.

Fact 2: Stop! Wait a minute

Image result for yellow stop sign"

Owing to its vibrancy and ability to catch one’s attention almost immediately, yellow was the colour previously used for ‘stop’ signs.

Although it was well known that red was more eye-catching than yellow, it wasn’t used for signs. This was due to the fact of the fading nature of its dye. After the introduction of porcelain enamel, which was resistant to fading, red began to take over as the universal colour for stop.

Fact 3: Men in high heels?

Image result for men in high heels"

Worn popularly by the Royals and aristocrats prior to the 7th century, high heels were thought of as a great innovation for men. They helped secure their riders in the stirrups while riding a horse. High heels also added a few extra inches to the height of the aristocrats. With the evolution of fashion and gender stereotypes, heels are currently exclusively worn by women.

Fact 4: Holding hands just got a whole lot cuter

Sea otters hold hands while sleeping in order to prevent each other from actually drifting away. They form what is called a raft which ensures the members of the family don’t end up getting separated from the rest. Did the idea of holding hands just get cuter?

Fact 5: Swedish House Fika!


Fika is a term used for enjoying coffee and cake, accompanied by a chat with friends or colleagues. It is a very popular Swedish concept which is often adopted as a part of their daily routine. It is a great way to take a breather, relax with your close mates and devour delicious baked goods.


Fact 6: Her Royal Highness and her swans

The queen is basically the owner of all ‘unmarked mute swans swimming in open waters’ in the UK. Owing to their elegance and poise, swans are very often associated with Royalty.

Earlier in Britain, their meat was a delicacy that could be enjoyed only after obtaining the Royal rights to do so. Since that is no longer the case, there is an annual event called ‘Swan Upping’ where the number of swans is counted by an official Swan Marker.

Fact 7: Leonardo da Vinci’s other passions


Leonardo da Vinci was much more than a popular Renaissance artist, whose most acclaimed works were the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’. He was well versed in mechanics, anatomy, physics and architecture in addition to art and history. He was the first to envision the invention of machines that could fly. His love and passion for anatomy drove him to dig out buried corpses to use as a reference for his study.


Fact 8: Fortune bringing cookies

In 2005, a fortune cookie company named Wonton Food Inc. correctly foretold lottery numbers. This resulted in 110 people winning the lottery, an astonishing event. The rising suspicion naturally led to the investigation of the matter. It was later concluded that there was no fraud involved, just a wondrous stroke of luck.

Fact 9: Blue sunsets on the red planet

Due to the presence of fine particles in the atmosphere of Mars near the Sun, blue light is more efficiently scattered. As a result, the sky appears blue during twilight to the human eye. This was observed from the pictures of the Martian sunset captured by NASA’s Viking 1.

Fact 10:  Paper bags> plastic bags?

Image result for paper bag vs plastic bag"

As per recent studies, it was found that paper bags contribute to a similar amount of damage as plastic bags. They generate 70 and 50 times more air and water pollutants than plastic bags respectively. It takes 4 times more energy to produce paper bags and 91 per cent more energy to recycle.

Did you know at least one of the 10 facts? Amusing how much depth there is to the world, isn’t it?

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