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An Interview with Vishal Ved, Author of Tomarkus!

The book Tomarkus, sailing at the top of the science fiction genre at Amazon. Today we met the author of Tomarkus. The book in itself shows how the author can take you into his own world. In real life he is nothing less than that. The moment we met him we were drawn into his world, there with him the space time continuum had changed. It isn’t often that you meet a person who is as intellectual and passionate as him.

Let us take a look at how an engineering student transformed into such a great author. Here are some questions that we asked and the author of Tomarkus yet again answered in his unique style!

Image contains the picture of the book tomarkus and the betrayed planet

Neuronerdz: Tell us something about yourself ?

Vishal Ved : I am entrepreneur, an inventor and also a writer as well. I have started few startups and some did not go as planned too. I also have few patents for products which are available in the market today.

Neuronerdz: Who are your icons? And specific to writing, who are the writers you seek to emulate?

Vishal Ved : One of my icons is Mark Zuckerberg. I am greatly inspired by him. The name itself is dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg as in the title Tomark-us. Also, when it comes to writing one of my favorite author is J.K.Rowling. While reading her books, I used to get encouraged about writing on science fiction. I really want and I definitely think one day there will be movies based on my books too.

Neuronerdz: What prompted you to become a writer?

Vishal Ved : I had interest in the science fiction from my childhood. I have always enjoyed writing. It is like a one- man army. It was kind of an inspirational thing for me to begin with. You don’t need a team, any money to start with, it’s an independent work. I don’t have to depend on the investors to do my work. So, yeah considering few of my past experiences these factors encouraged me to become a writer.

Neuronerdz: Tell us something about your book ‘Tomarkus and the Betrayed Planet’.

Vishal Ved : This book is totally generic book. I had put lot of my thoughts in this, to make it unique. I wanted this not be so obvious of what might happen in the story. The book is written in such a way that you get drawn into the imaginary world. All of it to make sure the readers enjoy it and feel so good about this. The gorgeous cover was designed by Mr. Kritik Nagar, a childhood friend from Jaipur.

Neuronerdz: Were you confident the book Tomarkus will do well?

Vishal Ved : Yes, I was confident it will do well. While writing the book in these 11 months, many of my friends and professional writers with whom I am in contact with, were really supportive. See, this book was my original unique content, I had not copied it from any other book. The main agenda of this book as to blow up your mind, amaze you while reading it. And even the beta readers and everyone who was helping me were telling me that it will definitely reach great heights.

Neuronerdz: So many copies of your book Tomarkus were sold in just few days. How do you feel?

Vishal Ved : Yes, I do feel very happy about this. The review from the people makes me really happy. There are tons of people who message me daily about the book and how interesting they find it. I am happy that I was able to deliver what I had actually wanted to.

Neuronerdz: Can you tell us about the writing process?

Vishal Ved : Coming up with the story is not an easy task. I first literally came up with a hundred stories. Then I had to cut them down to 10, and finally dragged it down to the last one basic idea. The process started with a basic idea in my mind, but then as the time went there were a lot of changes in the plots. And after many iterations I was finally able to come up with Tomarkus. There were times when I was depressed and I had to keep myself motivated the whole time. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work and persistence. You have to give your entire effort and heart in writing.

Neuronerdz: Is this the age of science fiction in India?

Vishal Ved : Yes, I definitely feel that the science fiction era is coming to India. It looks as if not everyone wants to write on science fiction just because they fear that they might not get success in it. They are afraid of the imaginary wall or the bar that is not there itself! The science fiction is a field of imagination, you can take the readers to an entirely different world. Also, I believe in just a year there will be an uprising in the number of science fiction authors in India. So yes, I do believe that the Science fiction age is coming to India.

Neuronerdz: Did marketing play a great role in the sales of the book Tomarkus?

Vishal Ved : Yes, it was one of the most important things in the success of the book. I started marketing the day I made my first draft. I had to put a lot of mind into how I had to publicize my book on various platforms. It was a long process and it took some time, but it was worth it. I feel even if you have a good product or a good book in this case, it is of very little value unless you market it properly. So, it does have a huge contribution to the success.

Neuronerdz: A final word from author of Tomarkus to the new and upcoming authors!

Vishal Ved : Becoming a writer is definitely not an easy task. To be a writer all you need is the seed of creativity. If you have that the fruits that tree will bear when it grows is just amazing. It’s like you reap what you sow. As recently Amir Khan said: What Indian Bollywood industry needs is the creative writers! So just try to think out of the box, and never give up. There will be moments when you get really depressed while writing, but just don’t give up. Believe in your work and believe in yourself!

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All those young creative minds out there grab your copies now, and here are the details to contact the author of TOMARKUS AND THE BETRAYED PLANET – “VISHAL VED”.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/author_vishalved/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vishal.ved.184

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