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Are web series replacing Indian television or movies?

2020 may or may not proved to be a successful year for other businesses but it has marked the beginning of a bright chapter in the history of web series. But are web series replacing Indian television or movies? It would be wrong to say that it has replaced the place of movies. On the other hand, it has a startling effect on television shows. By considering the data, on average Indian subscribers spent almost 50-60 minutes more on the online platform than regular television programs.

Are web series replacing Indian television or movies? Web series’ Popularity!

Counting the names of the web series that are popular among the Indian people is a tough job in itself. We can start from Scam 1992, Sacred games to the Panchayat which won the audience by its simplicity. At this time, ignoring the name of Paatal Lok will be a sin in itself. The main reason behind the success of these OTT platforms is their real-life illustration of the characters. A story like Ashram follows this depiction very well. Some other names I would like to mention are; Mirzapur ( the advertisement that Mirzapur season 2 experienced is incredible) and at the same time Special cops, Arya, Tripling, Permanent Roommates, and many others are there.

Web series vs TV shows

It is one of the universal facts that television shows have been entertaining the audience for decades and will definitely continue to do so. But to the youth audience of the nation, web series seems to be a good alternative. Youth are losing interest in watching the same saas-bahu dramas and now they are turning towards the web series arena for a change. These web series are advantageous for the producer as well as the viewers.

Like in web series, there is no time limit about the episode, you can watch them in one go if you like; no censorship issue, and even they need less budget as compared to the television shows. So if a series is well received by the audience then the produces can also make its second season fairly sooner than expected. Also, some of the television dramas are dragging the episodes only by turning women into snakes and other creepy creatures just for the sake of it which is making the audience stay away from such programs.


No doubt this lockdown has brought web series into the limelight with the closure of cinema halls/theaters. According to the data, the film industry may be at a loss of around INR 30 billion since many projects are on hold. But still, we cannot say that the craze of movies is dwindling and this industry is about to collapse. Never, gonna happen!

It is a fact that theatres have been shut down for a long time but that could not keep the spirit of movie enthusiasts low for a long time. Big-movies found their booking online. For instance, Akshay Kumar starred Laxmi Bomb has been sold in around Rs. 125 crore and hence making it a big hit. Be it movie or web series, each has its own dedicated and targeted audience and they are definitely sticking to its platforms.

The Factors behind the popularity of web series

If one takes a look over the data, web series are reaching a new height as compared to the TV drama with the evolution of the internet and social media. Ask any youth, has he watched any web series lately? The answer is an obvious ‘yes’.Web series is something to which youth can easily relate to, the contents have become a hot topic for discussion. If you are worried about being unfamiliar with the language. Then, don’t worry OTT platforms got your back with the function of multiple languages and subtitles. Its being user friendly has made its popularity skyrocket in a short time.

If we consider Indian subscribers, there is on average availability of almost 40 OTT platforms to choose from. The subscribers can easily get any of their favorite movies and content in their language if they have a phone and stable internet connection. Web series has touched almost every genre whether it is drama ( Patal Lok ), comedy (Panchayat), crime ( Criminal Justice), and many others. It clearly knows how to hold the attention of its audience.

Overall the future for the web series seems to be very much promising. Web series provides you with the content that keeps you glued to it most of the time. It has become a perfect place for content creators to use their talent to the fullest.  Movies are popular in their place whether it is taking acquisition of its pre-existing audience or making a new one. But web series will carve its own mark in the entertainment industry sooner or later!

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