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Odissi: The Beautiful Poetry in Motion

Odissi, or Orissi as referred to in ancient literature, is one of the six major forms of Indian classical dance forms. Characterized by percussive footwork and accentuated facial expressions, the extensive dance vocabulary has abstract and dramatic components. Movements, gestures, and expressions are used to interpret the music and convey stories

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IISER Pune: A Hub For Research And Science Education

  IISER(Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research), Pune is one of the most premier institutes of higher education in India. The institutes, established by the Indian Parliament through the National Institutes of Technology, Science and Research (Amendment) Act, 2010 has been providing extremely high-quality education at the Undergraduate level. This powered

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Basis of teenagers likes and dislikes

  The teenage years are possibly the most important years in one’s life when a character is considered. It is at this time that the character is the most versatile for shaping. Teenagers are also considered as impulsive and hot-headed They are with strong views, likes and dislikes. As teenagers, they are

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