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Meet Pratik Mohapatra Who Wins Microsoft’s 2019 AI for Good Idea Challenge

According to recent statistics, there are almost 114,000 people in the United States are currently on the waiting list for obtaining the lifesaving organ transplant. Almost 20 people die every day from the lack of available organs for transplant. Pratik Mohapatra - youngest CEO, programmer, coder and what not from Bangalore

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China To Introduce Courses In AI For Primary And Middle School Students

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence? The word “Artificial Intelligence” might sound a little new and fascinating word but believe me we have been using its applications for decades. Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate future of Technology and the World.  To define Artificial Intelligence, it is the simulation of human intelligence processes by

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Dr. Vishal Rao Designs Rs 50 Device for Throat Cancer Patients to Give Their Lost Voice Back

Who is Dr. Vishal Rao? Dr. Vishal Rao is a Bangalore based oncologist and is changing the lives of throat cancer patients in India. Dr. Vishal possesses a vast experience in the field of Oncology and Head & Neck Surgery and has been trained in Oncology at one of the most

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