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Top 5 Thriller Movies Of All The Time

Who doesn’t love movies? And if it can add a little chill to your spine, all the way better. Watched a lot of mushy romcoms and grown tired of them? Well, thrillers are what you turn to. Won’t make your heart leap like horror movies( don’t count on it though),

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A Cool History of Ice Cream

With summer almost heavy on us, let’s start talking about one of the most important and favourite coolants of all-the ice-cream! Who doesn’t love a creamy bowl of chilling chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or maybe all three, topped off with nuts, fruits, and toppings of your choice? But have you

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Bollywood Remake Of South Indian Movies

With Kabir Singh grossing in the Bollywood box office, the papers and media are raging with this controversy of which is the better one-this one or the original which goes by the name “Arjun Reddy”. This is not the first time that bollywood has faced this. Bollywood has been in

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