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Human Urine Can Be Used To Produce Green Fertilizers And Water : IIT Researchers

  Remember all those deep thoughts you have while peeing or pooping? Did this thought ever cross your mind that human urine is one of the most nutritional fluids ever? So much so that it can be converted to fertilizer for plants or even water for drinking. Yep, it is as

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Bollywood Remake Of South Indian Movies

With Kabir Singh grossing in the Bollywood box office, the papers and media are raging with this controversy of which is the better one-this one or the original which goes by the name “Arjun Reddy”. This is not the first time that bollywood has faced this. Bollywood has been in

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The Most Controversial Movies of All Times

When we talk about lazy afternoons or boring Sundays, movies are the first ever thing that pops into our head. That too if waiting for Game of Thrones has finally made you impatient or you haven't yet watched the latest episode of Riverdale yet. Romcoms, musicals and alike are the most

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