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The Stolen Items of Alan Turing Returned After Decades

A number of items from the World War II-era have now resurfaced after 36 years. They are a topic of historical scrutiny. How did these items become so sensational? Well, because they were stolen from a regular school in the United Kingdom. Additionally, these stolen items belonged to Alan Turing,

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Bastille Day – La Fête Nationale

The French Revolution was a long, gruesome phase in French history. It lasted for a decade. The revolution, however, was firmly established on the 14th July 1789 (or le 14th Juillet, 1789) when several common French people stormed a prison by the name of Bastille. The bloodshed and rioting at

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Frog Fossil found in Antarctica

CROAK-ING THE SURFACE, AT A GLANCE A frog that lives in South America was found in Antarctica, but fossilized There were more remarkable findings like weeds, water lily seeds, and more unlikely vegetation Antarctica was probably realistically habitable. We have heard veteran travelers boast of traveling across ‘all six continents’. There

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