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The Story of Pegasus Project

Why the Sudden Limelight? Pegasus Software, developed by Israel’s NSO Group, has recently been trending in the news after being exposed to a data leak. Around 50,000 phone numbers that belong to people have been targeted by NSO’s clients since 2016. An international group of reporters conducted a study, labeled Pegasus Project,

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Secrets Of Sundial At Konark Sun Temple

Introduction Situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, in India, bathing in the rising sun rays since the 13th century is the Konark Sun Temple, Orissa. Built by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganges dynasty between the period of 1238-1250 A.D, this sacred site is an existing proof

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India Welcomes A New Education Policy After 34 Years

National Education Policy A.K.A. NEP: India's New Education Policy India welcomes a new education policy after 34 years, as the Modi government has unveiled its cards on 29th July 2020. Cited by academicians and students alike across the country as an “Education system fit for the 21st century”. This new policy

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