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Best places to host Destination Wedding

Spring and summer are inordinate periods to witness weddings. It is rather pensive and charming during wintertime marriages. The temperamental decor to the cozier attire, winter wedding destinations give you endless inspiration for unique wedding details. As you know, not all snowy locations are the same.

If you’re planning to strategize your wedding during extremely low temperatures, check these picturesque towns for your big day! Fancy having a destination wedding in India? But, confused with the plethora of options available. Here is a list of some destination wedding locations, that are beautiful and also easy to get to.

Listing a few notes that might aid you in picking the finest location for your Destination Wedding!

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Goa is a sack of incredible dusks, lovely beaches, Cathedrals, Portuguese buildings, and the liberty to be missing from the mobs. Everything at once! It aids in creating a diverse number of images from exciting pre-wedding clicks near the coast. Also, a few letters round the resorts in truly gooey-dreamy clicks near the sunset. Chilling in Goa, near a beach resort also creates your conservative rites, get a marvelous stifling view in the backdrop.

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It is an artistically sustaining journey to click convincing images in Goa. In place of knowing the duo well, just before their big day! Also, be a member of the boundless subsequent jamboree, seashore rituals, Rain discos, and casual shore brews. Totaling more piquancy to the marriage. From the monsoons to winters, you will experience a fine climate with a trivial blend of randomness. Heavy downpours to blistering hexes, chances are one might receive a blend of all seasons until your wedding stay.


Mussoorie is a destination with hill stations where postcards are created! Attractive woody hills sitting towards the Doon valley; the dreamlike sight of the Himalayas during the sundown, the vibrant skies provides you a vivid show. The show also includes blinking stars from the milky way along with the lambent lights reflecting on the vale.

It consists of a delightful quixotic guise to it. Extended Arches, Waterways, Orchidaceous plant, Cascades, and stunning building brands it a bliss for any pre-wedding clicks. The gorgeous Sundown also makes certain that you indeed receive splendid ritual images for some of the initial sunset ceremonies. It is a fun-filled break-out during Summer days, particularly for people who break in bus-lines. They lack any entree to a close-by hill-station.


The marriage can be an invigorating variation and pretty out of the box too. Excellent climate and a variety of atmosphere for people continuing in cities in the south and west. Dehradun is the key town provisioned with an airstrip and a railway line. It stretches around 50kms and consumes 2hrs by road. The ride provides a charming steer from New Delhi. Do lodge a line of cars/buses during the travel. It might arrange the journey in a much easier way.

The climate alteration at any specific time might be radical and unpredictable. Hence, you will need to strategize to gear up in coats. The Evenings can actually be warmer while remaining chilly during the shade. And the nightfall’s are seamless for a beacon guitar sitting. Accompanied by a cup of chai or a glass of whiskey!


Fortresses, Citadels, Lagoons, and pure extravagance. That is Udaipur for you! Also called the ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’. Though it may spell tacky, it is actually the greatest quixotic refuge in India. Vibrant azure skies, fable-like citadels, shrines, parks, thin paths scattered with arcades.

The splendor of the Rajasthan public! Enclosed by the plush mountains of Aravalis, the glass image of the exquisite Lake Pichhola. It creates Udaipur as a captivating merge of vision, resonance, and journey. There is much more to experience in Udaipur. The hotels might benefit from engaging visitors with trips and events throughout their stay.

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The Baraat happening through the waterway to get to the marriage location is different. One might not be able to perform this kind of baraat anywhere else in India. Udaipur is very well linked by airways with Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, and with other main capitals as well. You can choose a picturesque marriage in the greatest of all the stunning properties in the center of Lake Pichhola, Taj Lake Fortress.

It contains around 75 lodgings and bookings and is faultless for a close-knit intimate marriage. Udaipur certainly contains slender tracks directing to some of the important inns and hotels. With a backdrop of lagoons and the baraat in waterways; Udaipur will be best-suited for a winter wedding!


Planning to host a wedding in Hyderabad? I just have 2 words then, the Falaknuma Palace! All-important cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata contain many attractive destinations for you to get wedded. Many of these chattels contain lovely parks or blowouts booked with attractive lodgings. Again, there are lesser-known possessions in India where they permit you to essentially enjoy a stay in the fortresses of the Kings & Queens.

Falaknuma sensing ‘mirror of the sky’ is epochal among all the marble citadels constructed in the 1800s by the Nawab Vaqar-ul-Umra. The fortress is filled with VO signets later to its initial denizen. An English engineer merged both Tudor and Italian construction to present Falaknuma, its exclusive beauty. Its discolored goblet windows share a gamut of colors into the quarters.

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, India | Top 10 hotels, Hotel, Islamic  architecture

The Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad

The well-known 101-seater banqueting slab is serving in itself! Watts and Burroughs from England planned 2 alike desks, the former is placed in Buckingham Palace and the latter in the Falaknuma Palace. The fortress has the main collections of Venetian candelabras and the greatest is the exclusive Jade collections in the world! Some of its rarest possessions include portraits, sculptures, scripts, imprinted banisters, snapshots along with electric schemes and plugboards.

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These properties can be a glorious share in antiquity which anyone can be a slice of! If this isn’t convincing enough regarding Falaknuma then, Salman Khan’s sister Arpita married her long-time beau Aayush Sharma in this magnificent Fortress. The actor was whispered to recompense 2Crores for the 2-day festivity, reserving the complete destination counting those 60 lodgings and the Nizam suite as well.

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The actor took care that the media doesn’t horn into the celebration. Oh! During your stay don’t slip the Buggy Ride they are seamless for your Facebook Selfies! Presenting an occasion at the Taj Falaknuma requires many advance and careful scheduling. It is inordinate for marriages with a guest count of 80(less or more).

The property being a small size, it might be quite hard to assemble more than 20-30 lodgings in the months showering soothing weather, particularly during the weekends. In case, you are planning to hold 250 and more people in Hyderabad, you will require to lodge other hotel rooms and strategize your journey. A steer from the town to the Taj Falaknuma in the crowning working times during the sunsets can gross around 2hours.

In Hyderabad, with the grandeur of Falaknuma palace reflecting in your pictures. Who would say a no to this sort of a winter wedding?

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A beginning of a new chapter with families entwined and hands held forever, so what’s wrong in celebrating the best out of it?