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Best Way To Make Your Gulab Jamun

Everybody needs some sweetness in life. You count on your family, friends or well-wishers to get that extra kick to be happy. Food must be the best option for all your sweetness worries. What better than food to add some sugar, a bit of sweetness in life. Gulab Jamun would be my ideal choice for this sweetness…

What Is a Gulab Jamun?               

Gulab Jamun is a milk-based sweet of the Indian subcontinent quite popular in areas of India, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Nepal as well as Bangladesh. This mithai is basically a soft delicious berry shaped balls made of milk solids, sugar, and a leavening agent. Gulab Jamun is a combination of two words – Gulab and Jamun. Here Gulab refers to the flower Rose and Jamun means a berry. It implies the meaning of a berry dipped in rose water.

How To Make The Mouth-Watering GulabJamuns:                                                 

 . Ingredients                                                 

 For Jamun:                                                         

.3/4 cups ( 100 grams ) unsweetened milk powder.

.1/2 cup (60 grams ) maida or plain flour.

.1/2 tsp baking powder.

.2 tbsp ghee or clarified butter.

.Milk for kneading.

.Ghee or oil for frying.

For Sugar Syrup:

.2 cup sugar                                                      

.2 cupwater

.2 cardamon

.1/4 tsp saffron or kesar.

.1 tsp lemon juice.

. 1 tsp rose water.                                                                                                                               

Method: Instructions To Follow To Make Gulab Jamuns                                                 

Step1: Firstly add 3/4 cup milk powder,1/2 cup maida, and 1/2 tsp baking powder to a large bowl.                                                          Step 2: Mix it well and add 2 tbsp ghee to make the flour moist.

Step 3: Further add milk to the mixture to keep it combined.

Step 4: Now make a soft dough but not knead it properly and let it cover and rest for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Meanwhile the dough rests start preparing for sugar syrup by taking 2 cups water,2 cup sugar,1/2 tsp saffron, and 2 cardamon.

Step 6: Mix it well and boil it for 5 minutes or until the syrup gets sticky and attains the string consistency. After this add lime juice to it to avoid the formation of crystals. Cover the syrup and keep it aside.

Step 7: Uncover the rested dough and start making small balls of it,make sure there are no cracks in the balls otherwise these will burst on frying.

Step 8: Fry in deep ghee or oil until the Jamuns are turned golden brown.

Steps 9: The golden-brown Jamuns are then to be drawn off and placed in sugar syrup for 2 hours or until the Jamuns absorb the sugar syrup fully.

Notes To Follow While Making :

Use good quality milk powder or khoya ( milk reduced to half on boiling ) to make soft Jamuns.

.Fry on low flame to make the Jamuns effectively cooked.

.Use baking powder, not soda to make the dough and soak the Jamuns as long as they absorb the sugar syrup.

Your yummy, delicious, and mouth-watering Gulab Jamuns are ready


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