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Bollywood Remake Of South Indian Movies

With Kabir Singh grossing in the Bollywood box office, the papers and media are raging with this controversy of which is the better one-this one or the original which goes by the name “Arjun Reddy”. This is not the first time that bollywood has faced this. Bollywood has been in the court of judgement several times because of movies which were reported to be copied from south indian films. What people don’t realise is that how hard it is to change a script of a totally different language into one deemed fit for the Hindi speaking audience. In fact, that’s not all. South Indian scripts have also borrowed content from Bollywood. This exchange of content has not only been worthwhile for the viewers, it has been highly profitable for the industry too. In this way, a lot of great content has come into view thus giving us some of the most wonderful stories that we still cherish. Go ahead and check out some amazing talkies that reign Bollywood till today. Not to leave out the fresh ones which still keep the boredom safely out of the door.


An official remake of the Telugu film Pokiri, this is a Hindi action film which turned out to be the second highest-grossing film of Bollywood in the year 2009. Starring one of Bollywood favs, Salman Khan, the story revolves around the life of an undercover police officer and his fight against the mafia. A really nice entertaining piece with a dash of thrill and loads of action.


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It is the Bollywood remake of Murugadoss’s own Tamil film which goes by the same name. while the original was rocked by the south hero Surya, Bollywood saw Aamir Khan in a new avatar where he himself rewrote the climax. The story is said to be inspired by a Nolan movie, Memento. The story narrates the life of a businessman who suffers from anterograde amnesia as an aftereffect of an encounter where he loses the love of his life. He tries to seek vengeance but due to his challenged mental state, it becomes rather a difficulty. This was the first Indian movie to enter the 100 crore club, thus becoming the highest-grossing Indian film of all times. Watch the movie to find out if he succeeds or not.

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The name of the movie, literally translating as “visuals”, builds the aura of thrill that this movie is in itself. Adapted from the Malayalam thriller by the same name, it stars Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran and Tabu in the lead roles. The Malayalam version stars the famous Mohanlal and Meena in the lead roles. The story, very simply and subtly described along, unfolds in a small town and focuses on a businessman providing cable in the local area. However, his otherwise boring life becomes endangered when the local inspector’s son goes missing and his family is suspected. What follows is a thriller worth watching more than once.

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The same good overpowers evil type of story. However, this action film adapted from the Tamil film Singam made a great impact on the audience. So much so that there have been 2 sequels already made and another on the way. The movie narrates the story of an honest police officer who is in charge of a police station in a place where corruption rules and his motive is to eradicate them. Soon this leads to antagonism with a local mafia head and his life gets affected. A nice watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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This movie is one of the greatest romantic drama films Bollywood has ever seen. Winner of six Filmfare Awards, this film is the remake of the Tamil film, Alaipayuthey. While the original starred Madhavan and Shalini in the protagonistic roles, the Hindi version’s lead cast was Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukherji. Directed by Mani Ratnam, one of the most famous filmmakers of all times and adorned with the beautiful tracks of A.R. Rahman, this movie is the story of two lovers who face the wrath of society and family for committing marriage by love. Eventually, differences arise between them also but one incident twists their whole life and perspective. Watch this awesome movie to find out more.

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The Malayalam comedy psychological thriller, Manichitrathazhu, starring Mohanlal and Shobana was officially remade in hindi by Priyadarshan in 2007 under the name Bhool Bhulaiyaa. This movie revolves around a family which is celebrating the arrival of the new daughter-in-law, but she starts behaving differently after a few days. A psychiatrist, which is played by Akshay Kumar starts investigating and digs out her past to find out what is wrong with her.


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The list goes on and on. However, we have got some really nice movies from Bollywood. The content, wherever it is from, matters the most and not the source. And we sincerely hope that it continues in future.

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