Everybody loves to enjoy life, take new adventures, experience a new culture probably that is why everyone wants to earn well. Some who are not greedy for new experiences like to explore and cherish their freedom. While others just want exposure to all the possible opportunities to choose the right path for their career. But all these things have something in common, leaving your home. This leaving home can be described in another word called, Brain drain. Sounds complicated, right? Let’s have a look to get a better understanding of what it entails.

What is Bran Drain?

Brain drain carries a very simple meaning migration of skilled and trained human resources in order for a higher salary, advancement in technology, and stable conditions to live and fulfill their dreams. The fault with brain drain is there is a loss of considerable resources to the current dispatcher state and a  direct benefit accruing to the recipient states who have not forked out the cost of educating them. Intellectuals are the most powerful and valuable resources of the country.

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Why does this occur?

Brain Drain work on the basis of the push-pull factor.

  • Push factors are negative characteristics that force intelligent people to move out to a better country. Push factors generally include fewer job opportunities, absence of research work, employment discrimination, economic underdevelopment, lack of freedom, and poor working conditions. Some countries push factor also include discrimination against religious minorities which force them to leave the country where they feel more protected and strong.
  • On the other hand pull, factors are the positive characteristics that attract the cream layer toward itself. These include the prestige of foreign training, relatively stable political environment, a modernized educational system to allow for superior training, intellectual freedom, and rich cultures. 

Adverse effects of Brain drain

Brain Drain has its own harmful effects hampering the growth of the country. Creating a lack of skills and innovations. Turning revenue generators and taxpayers into liabilities. They are also future entrepreneurs and by not providing them with benefits like funds, time, and enough opportunities we are hampering our own job creation and revenue generator opportunities  Their is also a loss in education and healthcare sector. They act as the base for future developments.

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How to overcome it?

The brain drain can only be cured or reduced by the economic development/growth of the country. It can only be minimized by satisfying the hunger for growth and opportunities of the intellects. This means providing them with a more social, stable, and exploring environment to work with. Giving them the right resources to take their innovations to the next level. Providing them with more freedom to work in their style.

As such people bring great changes around the globe. The country they reside in, it should be the one to be benefitted the most. So why not give the plant enough space and resources to grow the way we gave its seed.

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