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Celebrities With Ridiculously Expensive Cars

If you are wondering which celebrities drive the most expensive cars, then you are in the right place. While some of the A-rated celebs do drive more inconspicuous cars, the celebrities on this do not. So, look no further and continue reading. Jay Z - Car Owned: Maybach Exelero It is no

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Bollywood Remake Of South Indian Movies

With Kabir Singh grossing in the Bollywood box office, the papers and media are raging with this controversy of which is the better one-this one or the original which goes by the name “Arjun Reddy”. This is not the first time that bollywood has faced this. Bollywood has been in

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Man vs Wild with PM Narendra Modi

What do you need to know? Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi starred alongside host Bear Grylls in the popular TV Show – Man vs Wild. It premiered on 12th August ’19 (Monday) on Discovery Channel India at 9 pm. This is what Bear Grylls had to say before the show was

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