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Unforgettable Movies Of Sushant Singh Rajput

From the streets of Patna to a well-known TV actor, to a megastar and blockbuster performer. Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the outsiders of the Bollywood industry who shocked everyone by his performance right from his first movie. His journey was undoubtedly a tough one. But he never disappointed

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Mismatched: a Netflix Series

Mismatched effectually pledges the final screen-writing debauchery! It narrates a terrible group but doesn’t show it. Every instant and sense have pattered to the extent of enervation. Netflix India depicts adolescence as a declaration, not a phase in life! There is positive suitability to the narration in Mismatched. There can

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Top 5 Thriller Movies Of All The Time

Who doesn’t love movies? And if it can add a little chill to your spine, all the way better. Watched a lot of mushy romcoms and grown tired of them? Well, thrillers are what you turn to. Won’t make your heart leap like horror movies( don’t count on it though),

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Top 10 Animated Movies You Must Watch

Over time, animated films have transformed the face of movies with fantastic metaphors, voluble stories, and moderate morals. Each movie on this list offers a difference in its creativity, art-style, story, or legacy. A wide span of animation procedures like stop-motion, Claymation, computer-generation, rotoscoping, and hand-drawing are used in these

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Best Trilogies To Watch

This world pandemic left us with our TVs, laptops, tablets, and of course our smartphones. There's a lot of time to binge-watch but what's worth watching? Well, we've got all covered for you. With some of the binge-worthy trilogies. So you can entertain yourselves with your loved ones. Or enjoy

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Remake Of Old Movies Actually Worth Watching

It is a strong belief in people that movie remakes can normally not work out. Why would anyone waste his time in making something which has already won the hearts of millions with its storyline, characters, and brilliant performance? you can't recreate the magic with the same theme, plot, and

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