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20 Quotes Which Will Make You Dream Big

Once in while in your life we think about greatness, our legacy, as a child we saw many dreams, not talking about the regular dreams but our goals, but sometimes life hits us so hard that we can't feel motivated to fulfil our dreams, here are some quotes from your

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McHive – The Smallest McDonald’s Just Opened, but Only for Bees

In addition to the wonders of the Northern Lights, the Ice Hotel and obviously Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden has now become very special for being home to the world’s smallest McDonald’s, McHive. McDonald’s’ new project McHive is a miniature McDonald’s replica. However, instead of serving humans, they are meant for bees only!

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Mohammed Ali: The Greatest

Mohammed Ali was one of the most famous sports personality and the significant sportsman of the 20th Century. He was nicknamed " the Greatest " because he was undoubtedly the greatest boxer ever born. He was an American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist. Ali was also known by the name Cassius

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