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Role of Social Media in Elections

Elections are coming in India, everywhere we see hoardings and posters of different political parties, we see rallies and all other things related to their advertisement, if we go 20 years back advertisement for elections were completely different, there was not much electronic medium for advertisements but unlike those times,

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With the 2019 Lok Sabha elections underway, there is quite a natural buzz amongst the populace. Akin to festivals wherein even the irreligious tend to fall prey to the celebrations, the elections are an exuberant period where the apolitical formulate opinions as well. This is when a particular question that

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All About Ajit Doval : India’s James Bond

  Ajit Kumar Doval, 5th National Security Advisor (NSA ) to India's Prime Minister. He is a Retd. IPS Officer who'd been awarded PPM ( President Police Medal), KC ( Kirti Chakra), PM (Police Medal ).  Had served as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau in 2004–05; he spent almost a

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