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Basis of teenagers likes and dislikes

  The teenage years are possibly the most important years in one’s life when a character is considered. It is at this time that the character is the most versatile for shaping. Teenagers are also considered as impulsive and hot-headed They are with strong views, likes and dislikes. As teenagers, they are

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Ways Your Office Can Affect Productivity

Hey, dear reader! Welcome back yet again to a process of understanding professionalism and office life with regard to psychology and lifestyle. In the world of rapid advancements and work culture, what matters the most is high productivity and consumer satisfaction. Making way through Industry 4.0, which had employ and consumer

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Top Ten Most Popular Jobs Among Psychopaths

Ah, psychopaths. Our favourite type of people. Not really, of course. But the inner workings of their minds have always baffled us, intrigued us. Psychopaths statistically, make about one percent of the total human population on earth. Which means, right now, there are a hundred million people in this world,

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