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The Story of Pegasus Project

Why the Sudden Limelight? Pegasus Software, developed by Israel’s NSO Group, has recently been trending in the news after being exposed to a data leak. Around 50,000 phone numbers that belong to people have been targeted by NSO’s clients since 2016. An international group of reporters conducted a study, labeled Pegasus Project,

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The Riemann Hypothesis – The Millennium Prize Problem

One of the most significant unsolved mathematics problems has found its solution after 161 years later. Yes, the problem has been declared as the Millennium Prize problem worth $1 million two decades ago and is rewarded from the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Oxford, England. Indian Mathematician Claims To Solve

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50 Million Light Years Long Galactic Filament Spotted

Ever wonder how we came into existence? The Big Bang is always the first thing that comes to the mind of any person. However, many always discard this theory due to the limited amount of evidence that is present with us. But the astronomers from Germany have presented a new

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