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Foldable Phones: Can it be an option between a smartphone and a tablet.

In 2019, where every company is trying to conquer the market and introducing more and more eminent features to their smartphones, customers have to spend a lot of time in choosing their handset. As companies like Samsung, Motorola, Apple, and many other Chinese companies are racing to introduce a foldable

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is getting some attention in Korean media. A report suggests that the phone might be Samsung's first "keyless" or "buttonless" design. The company's next flagship may not have any physical buttons and will instead use touch or gesture-based alternatives. http://www. phoneArena.com The company had filed patents that

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An Interview with Vishal Ved, Author of Tomarkus!

The book Tomarkus, sailing at the top of the science fiction genre at Amazon. Today we met the author of Tomarkus. The book in itself shows how the author can take you into his own world. In real life he is nothing less than that. The moment we met him

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