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Magnus Carlsen breaks another World Record!

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grand-master who is the current World Chess Champion, World Rapid Chess Champion, and World Blitz Chess Champion. He has now made history for the longest unbeaten run of 111 games. This is small feat for the prodigy. He has been breaking records since he was just 14 years old. Carlsen tied for first place in the world U12 chess championship in 2002. At the age of 15 , he won the Norwegian Chess Championship. He made history when he surpassed a rating of 2800 at the age of 18 and at 19 he reached number one in the FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) or World chess Federation. Carlsen became the youngest ever player to achieve these feats.

He suggested that he might consider the record broken only if he won another two matches in the Norwegian league, which were against opponents ranked more than 500 points lower than him.

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His Starting Point:


In 2004 (when carlsen was 14) he headlined by winning group C at the 2004 Corus Chess Tournament. He obtained a score of 10^1/2 / 13 by losing just one game. As a result of his victory, he earned his Grandmaster norm. He even achieved a PR of 2702. Carlsen won against Sipke Ernst by giving him mate in just 29 moves by sacrificing his material. This led Lubomir Kavalek writing to Washington post, which gave him the title “The Mozart of Chess”. This youngster at the age of 14 lured Microsoft as his sponsor. In the sixth Dubai Open Chess Championship, Carlsen obtained his third and final GM norm.


In 2005, he defeated Alexei Shirov, then ranked No.10 in the world, as well as the co-winner of the tournament. During Norwegian Chess Championship, Carlsen again shared first place , this time with his mentor Simen Agdestein. In the semi-finals, he played against Vishwanathan Anand in the rapid chess tournament in June. Anand ranked No. 2 in the world that time and had won the 2003 World Rapid Chess Championship. Anand won the game 3-1.

His Journey of 111 undefeated matches:


His last defeat was in the Biel Tournament on 31st July, against GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, who hadn’t been able to defeat him for decade! He came a long way after that. He was defeated then, but still managed to come second in the tournament. In August of 2018, he tied against Caruana and Aronian, but the trio decided to share the title. Carlsen played in the 2018 World Rapid and World Blitz Chess Championships. He defended his blitz title going unbeaten to finish clear at top.

World Chess Championship 2018: Carlsen faced Fabiano Caruana in 2018 championship in London. This was a 12 game match organized by FIDE. Carlsen retained his title by defeating Caruana 3-0 in rapid tie break games.



In January, he competed in 81st Tata Stell Chess Tournament. He won the tournament just by half point ahead of Giri. He won the tournament for record extending 7th time. Carlsen participated in sixth edition of Samkir Chess held in March and April. He won the first place clear, two points ahead of runner-up Ding. He named it as one of the best tournaments he has played in. Later in April, he won the 6th Grenke Chess Classic.

There is a long list of his achievements along the way to beat the record. He won the Cote d’Ivorie Rapid and Blitz. At FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 2019 held in October, Carlsen was placed sixth. He thus extended his unbeaten Streak in classical chess to 101 games therefore surpassing Ding’s record of 100 games. Carlsen has recorded 33 wins and 68 draws throughout his  streak.

In December, Carlsen participated in the 2019 World Rapid Chess Championship which he won, including no losses to reclaim the title he lost in 2016. Over the next two days 29 December and 30 December he took part in World Blitz Chess Championship 2019. He won after defeating Hikaru Nakamura in a tiebreak match.


Magnus Carlsen broke Sergei Tiviakov’s streak of 111 undefeated games at Tata Steel Chess Tournament on 14th January 2020.

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