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Chicken Schnitzel Prepared With Air Fryer Recipe

The name means a schnitzel originating from the capital of Austria – Vienna. In fact, the term “Wiener Schnitzel” is trademarked and protected by Austrian laws which require that a dish can be called “schnitzel” only if it is made of veal. Schnitzel is Austrian in origin; it was traditionally made with veal (known as wiener schnitzel) or pork. The dish is traditionally served in Austria with Butterhead lettuce tossed with a sweetened vinaigrette dressing, optionally with chopped chives or onions), potato salad, cucumber salad, or parsley potatoes. Currently, it is also served with rice, french fries, or roasted potatoes. In earlier days, the garnish consisted of capers and anchovies, nowadays a leslice and parsley are more common.

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– 1 piece of chicken schnitzels ⁠
– 200 grams Brussels sprout⁠
– 1 large Potato
– 1 large Sweet potatoes
– 1 to 2 tbsp High-quality vegetable oil
– Salt to taste⁠
– Pepper to taste
– Paprika powder to taste⁠
– ground cumin to taste ⁠
– coriander powder to taste, but less than paprika powder and cumin powder.⁠


1) Wash, peel the (sweet) potatoes and cut it in small pieces Wash and cut the brussels sprouts in half.
2) Preheat the air fryer at 200 Celsius degrees.⁠
3) Season the potatoes and brussels sprout in separate bowls.
4) Add the potatoes in the air fryer basket. Set timer of 15 min. Shake after 4 minutes and add a layer of oil with a cooking brush or cooking spray otherwise the potatoes will be too dry.⁠
5) After another 4 minutes shake again –> add another layer of oil with a cooking brush or spray ==> add the brussels sprout and chicken schnitzel.⁠
6) Shake after 3.5 minutes and add a layer of oil to the brussels sprout and (if needed) potatoes with a cooking brush or cooking spray and flip the schnitzel. By “if needed”, I mean if you see that the potatoes will be too dry if you don’t add another layer of oil.⁠
7) Wait another 3.5 minuteChicken Schnitzel - Golden Crispy Fried Chicken Breasts

Your Chicken Schnitzel prepared with AIR FRYER are ready to eat!!!


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