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Class 0 Message aka Flash Message

All about Class 0 Message and how to send one in Android 

Class 0 SMS

These are the Short Message Services which will flash on your mobile Screen and does not get saved in the recipient’s Inbox ie in the phone memory.

You can simply save the message by clicking on the Save Button showing in the Class 0 message Pop Up. Class 0 SMS text messages disappear after being read by the user or you can remove it by clicking the Cancel button once you read the message.

Class 0 messages are also used to “ping” another cell phone. They can receive confirmation of a recipient’s messaging capabilities without the recipient even knowing they were pinged. While Class 0 messages can be abused, they can also be an effective troubleshooting tool for SMS communications.

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Also called Flash SMS

It is called Flash Messages as it flashes on the screen of the recipient’s cell phone. This is a great feature when you have a text message that you want someone to read immediately 🙂

It will not be saved in the receiver’s Inbox unless Saved deliberately or carries useful information for the recipient to save it manually. Mostly it acts as a reminder.

Steps to send Class O Message:-

a) Open the text messaging application on your mobile device ie Click on the Message icon.

b) Type the telephone number of the person you want to message in the “To” field.

c) Type “0001” followed by the beginning of your text message. This is considered a “Class 0” message by most cell phones for now and as per Android 9 Pie standards.

d) Enter the message details that you want to flash to their mobile screens. For example, “Hello Pal, Meet me at the Gym.”


e) Select the “Send” option to send the flash message. The recipient will receive the flash alert, “Hello Pal, Meet me at the Gym.”

f) You can also go through websites such as SMS Country or Yahoo! Mobile, that will allow you to send a Flash SMS message if you are unable to use the “0001” option.
You may be required to set up a new user account to send the flash SMS message in these sites/apps.

Few extra Tips and Tricks in SMS –

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1) You can send your Location to the recipient through SMS by adding your location from the plus (+) sign generally present on the left in Messages App of many Android Phones.

2) Text from the Web – Similar to Whatsapp Web the Android Messages from web works in the same manner. Go to messages.android.com, then you’ll see a big screen with QR Code on the right side of the page.
In the message icon in your phone, click the three dots in the right upper corner, then click Messages on Web and Point the camera at the QR Code on the computer screen. In a second or two, both will be linked and you can message from the web to your contacts.

3) You can send money too from the SMS app by linking your Google Pay to the Messages app and using G-board keyboard.

4) Also, you can enable Dark Mode in the messages app by simply clicking on the three dots in Messages App -> Enable Dark Mode. It’s fun!

Note – These above features work well and good in Android 9 Pie so if you wish to use extra features upgrade it to latest Android 9. I know soon everyone will use this latest Android Pie version.

Ma the above features work well in Android 4 KitKat and above 🙂

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