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Common signs of someone who may be suicidal

Suicide, a word which brings tension and sadness in our mind, is a very complex and sensitive issue quite common since olden times. The word suicide means taking our life by ourselves.

Every day we hear numerous cases of suicides around us. The ones doing it leave behind them memories, pain, tears, sadness, guilt, regret, and vacuum- Black Atmosphere. We are all important and special – precisely we are unique. We think that by killing ourselves we won’t have to face the harsh reality and would easily escape the tension. We never realize that with each one of us so many lives are connected- our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and even our pets. Yes, it’s true that sometimes we have to face so many problems that we cannot carry that heaviness in our hearts. We lose the calm and composure and cannot sleep at nights. But hard times come in everyone’s lives. Society plays an important role in forcing a person to start hating themselves. Whatever they may say but everyone likes to judge. Stereotypes are preset for each one of us. Society standards are too high for all of us to touch.

If you are reserved and quiet, you are a dead-soul. If you are open and frank, you are an attention-seeker. If you easily agree and obey others, you are a fool. If you are a virgin by 16, there is some problem in your hormones. If you lose it, you are a whore. If you do not compliment yourself, you are begging for compliments. If you praise yourself you are bragging and full of yourself. If you are unique, you are weird. If you are normal then you are boring. It’s hard to live in a world so centered around perfection when in reality imperfection is what defines us.


There are a lot of reasons for people to do suicides. It depends on the surrounding, situation and on your body. Some people can bear stress and some can face anxiety but some cannot. It may be that a person looks very happy and always has a smile on his face but underneath that smile hides lots of sadness which he is not able to share with anyone. We must understand that to some extent it’s not fully in our hands to control ourselves from coming into depression. But what is in our hands is, overcoming it with a strong mindset.




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