Many of the considering validation to be the most important step in starting a company. Before you have even started building your first network, you should spend some time assessing demand for your product. While many ideas to be a stage, doing a little market research can save you from a build-up to something that no one wants to buy.

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In short, market validation means a determination of the demand for your product is great enough to support its growth. That process may break down like this: 

Consider the following problem your product solves and the audience who experience it. 


  • We should determine that if that audience is willing to pay for a solution.
  • We should determine if that audience is large enough to support your company.
  • And then examine your competitors and determine if your prospective product will come out on top or not.
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Thinking about the problem your product solves. 

Set aside your idea for that moment and look at the problem that your product will able to solve. 

Considering the problem and who faces it will be your starting point for your developing your target audience. 

Considers two important questions when assessing new ideas: 

Is this a real need in the market area, something that both customers and investors are able to pay for? 

Is this your product can able to solve the people’s specifications? 

  • It is just because it is hard, doesn’t mean we don’t do it.“The easier technical solutions are oftentimes the inferior solution for the customer.” 
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Top 5 small IDEAS are: 

  1. Freelancer 

A freelancer is a person for the project and completes it within a given timeline for money. A freelancer usually accepts project related to information technology and work online. So that they get work from various sites offering freelance work. 

  1. Child Care services 

The next business is that the idea for the beginners is child care services. In a metro city, these types of services are always in demand. You need to have a proper place and toys in order to start this business. It is one of the best business ideas for beginners. 

  1. Tuition Class 

Tuition class is the next business idea for the beginners. This business can be started from home with no investment. You should be very good at teaching and learning in order to start your own tuition class. 

  1. Photography If you are good at taking photographs this business could for you. You just need a camera and a few contacts in order to start this business. The success of this business depends on your capability and creativity to deliver the desired results for your customers. 
  2. Blogging 

Blogging is the next business that easy to implement low investment and business idea for the beginner. You just need to have technical knowledge and skill that can able to reach others also. So that you can earn a lot of money by direct advertisement from your blog. 

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It may remain to be seen whether the figures are too good to be true. All that the sounded far too good to be true then, and so it has been proved. 

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