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Famous Murugan Idli Shop

Chennai is truly one of the most adored cities in South India. It fills the soul of any visitor with the warmth, joy and endless memories to revisit in tranquillity. John Keats the great Romanticist has rightly remarked “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” which stands correct consonance with the city of Chennai. “Anna ” is not merely a word it is an emotion that truly embodies the spirit of the city. The food and geography of an area are like husband and wife which are bounded by eternal love for each other. One delight of this city happens to be the place called Murugan Idli Shop, the perfect avenue for all your cravings. Located at Bessie Beach down South this eatery offers “soft” idlies for the rich authentic taste. The moment you step onto the beach you are treated with a piquant aroma of hot pipping idlis immersed in ghee and that podi chutney. The mouth is already craving for something like this.

Image result for murugan idli shopThe waiters fondly called Annas here will make you comfortably seated and provide with a banana leaf, banana leaf you read that right the treatment is as authentic as it can get. The next thing you are asked for is to sprinkle some water droplets on the banana leaf, do it or otherwise the food will not be served. Yes, this place has its own eating ethics, abide by them!

Menu happens to be the next step in the ordering of anything. Think before you order something here. Annas will bombard you with rich exotic delicacies, a look at the menu points out what I truly mean. Another interesting aspect of this place that whatever you relish using your hands no cutlery please, enjoy with the hands.

Image result for murugan idli shop How many chutneys can you think with idli? Hmmm, the most obvious would be coconut one but much to the delight of the foodies you are served with four amazing chutneys. One coconut, second being tomato, third coriander and the last one of mint. The aspect of this place that makes it distinct from the rest is the qualities of idli. Just press the idli with your fingers and feel by yourself the soft idlis of the place. Another highlight of the meal here is soft and flavourful Paniyarams. Onion Uthappam is also a good treat for food lovers. This onion dish blended with rich flavours is in its own terms a mouth relishing treat. If you been to this place don’t forget to drink Jigarthanda a great refreshing drink of icecream,sabudana, and milk. The name itself suggests it relaxes your gut and makes you feel refreshed and happy. Just give it a try…

To round off if you are looking for something truly authentic and tasty this place is for you. The pleasing place to satisfy your taste buds, enjoy some time here, breathe in the air of the beach. If you ever feel it is more than what you expect for the food to come, just be patient even 30 minutes or more than is worth the pleasure it will provide. Be one with nature and just feel the communion of taste and sea.

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