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Gadgets you shouldn’t waste your money on

In a world being backed up with new technologies, everybody wants to check out what modern technology has to offer. The easiest way to do that is to purchase the newest tech gadgets on the market. When a new gadget is released, its obviously for improving the consumer’s life. People shouldn’t confuse these purchases as investments, and they shouldn’t break the bank to purchase them. You would have come across many blogs on the gadgets that you can spend money on.  But for a change let’s check out the gadgets that are not worth spending that much money on.

Non – 4G Phones

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It doesn’t make sense buying 3G or 2G phones when 3G data packs are costlier than 4G ones. Although some of the telecom operators are shutting down their 3G services. So it is better to get a phone which is compactable to all the features.

Non – Branded Power Banks:

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We often hear reports about local or fake power banks exploding. Not only they are needlessly wasteful – but we end up with throwing a battery with a bunch of electronics. So instead its better that we get a proper rechargeable power bank.

Gaming Consoles:

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On the increasing demand for cloud-based gaming services such as Google Stadia, Apple Arcade and the upcoming Microsoft XCloud, the very survival of the traditional gaming industry ruled by companies like Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation is toughened. Cloud-based gaming is the new trend. One big advantage of Cloud gaming over the traditional one is, it can be played on smartphones, tablets, PCs and even TV and its lower cost of set-up.

Wired Headphones:


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The 1990s saw great revolution for music lovers in the form of Walkman along with headphones. The era of Walkman ended soon with the launch of multimedia phones that let its users store music on their smartphones. Then later with the launch of Bluetooth – headphones or Bluetooth earbuds that are trendy and way more compactable and easy to use, wired headphones are no longer brought. Previously, wired headphones were quite costly but now with the Chinese products being made its cost has been reduced drastically.

DVD Players:

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DVD players were introduced to us in the mid-90s and soon it became a major mode of entertainment. With adaptions to online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar along with built-in Blu-ray players in laptops, DVD players are undoubtedly on its way out.

 Wireless Chargers:

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Wireless chargers are appreciably great products that brought a great change. Even after many years of inception, the wireless charging feature is still limited to just some premium phones. The main reason they must not be wasted money on is their slow charging speed, and high cost compared to the traditional wired chargers.

So, these are the gadgets I consider we must not waste money on! Do let me know on the comments section in case I have left any.

Lakshmi Ananya Vemu
Pursuing Electronics Engineering.

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