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Healthy And Easy Way To Boost The Immune System

Falling sick too often? Due to the ever-increasing number of germs and our poor lifestyle habits, we tend to fall ill too frequently. During the change in seasons, especially in the monsoons, we need to pay a visit to the doctor more often. This is because of the inability of the white blood cells (WBCs) present in our blood to fight against the disease-causing germs.

Let’s find out how we can boost our immune system and keep the sickness at bay.

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Maintaining a healthy diet- Superfoods to the rescue

Let’s admit that we can’t resist those mouthwatering dishes in the restaurants or those packaged items in the supermarket. But these foods are rich in calories and fats, not nutrients. Eating citrus foods daily such as oranges, limes, lemons and papaya, kiwis that are packed with large amounts of vitamin C are a major source of increasing production of WBCs. Remember Popeye’s favourite food? Spinach and other green leafy vegetables and broccoli packed with vitamin A, C, E increase infection-fighting ability of our body. For non-vegetarians, make sure you eat seafood such as oily fishes, shellfish and the poultry such as eggs, chicken. Ginger, garlic and turmeric that has been used in Indian cooking since ages, helps to boost immunity. Other superfoods are nuts such as almonds, red bell peppers, green tea.


The pressure of competition in schools and offices have made people sit in one place for long hours and restricted any sort of movement. This has led to health issues and stiffness in the body.  So get up on your feet and start running. Instead of travelling in your comfortable cars and bikes, tie up your shoelaces and take a walk or a swim or ride a bicycle for at least 30 minutes a day. Remember to do a few stretching exercises during breaks. When at home, shut your TV and phones for a while and do physical activity. Exercising will not only make you feel fresh but also energetic in what you are doing. Also, keep a track on your BMI or else it might affect you in the long run.

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Have a good night’s sleep


You must have often heard- Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise or one must sleep for 7-8 hours. But have you actually followed it? We love surfing the internet or watch those movies till late at night and then we wake up early the next day to go to work. But while doing this you are preventing your body to replenish with energy and hence you feel lethargic and irritated at work. This insufficient energy makes your body less efficient to fight against foreign germs. Hence, make sure you get your beauty sleep and a relaxed and energetic body is what you are looking for.

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Stay away from- alcohol, smoking and stress

The deadliest things that affect the body to the maximum. Smoking brings in a lot of toxicity like tar and other chemicals inside the body that makes the immune system less effective to fight off infections. Similarly, binge drinking makes the WBCs less effective to fight an injury or an infection. Long- term stress causes the brain to secrete hormones which in turn depresses the immune system causing the body more prone to infections.

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Maintaining hygiene

Health and hygiene go hand in hand. Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean is a very important step to prevent germs from entering your body. Make sure you wash your hands frequently especially before eating your meals. Also, cook the food well and drink clean, boiled water. This is a major factor we must always keep in mind.

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