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How 5G Could Make Your Homes Smarter

Socrates, a well-known classical Greek Philosopher said, “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” While he meant to address human greed in his saying, the context behind this quote doesn’t bulge an inch if applied to the brilliant minds of the people working towards providing faster, cheaper, and more efficient technology to the world.

Today, the 4th generation internet lies on its deathbed and the 5th generation of internet, i.e., 5G, is just around the corner. Naturally, we think, “its 5G, so yayy! Faster download speed” and its not wrong at all. Just that there are a lot more benefits along with 5G than just faster speeds. “5G is a new, faster network with the potential to completely transform the internet”, says CNBC International. It has been tested to provide up to 100Gbps of internet speed. However, the major difference between 4G and 5G is that of the response time. The response time of 5G is 1 millisecond which is almost 50 times less than that of 4G. Makes one wonder, why would that matter? Well, lesser response time means the users will enjoy a much more streamlined experience.

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Plus, it will also bring about a revolutionary change in self-driving cars, online multiplayer games, and a whole lot of devices such as drones that function with the help of internet speeds and response time. Another major area in which 5G will have its toll is the IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things. With its enhanced capacity and efficiency, 5G will be able to play host and accommodate the connection of billions of devices across the world. It will also eliminate any lags which exist due to the lesser network speed of today’s 4G networks.

Imagine being able to turn on and off your bathroom tap sitting on your couch or even more, to be able to set just the right temperature for your shower from your phone. Yes, 5G can make all of this well within our grasp. The hassle of remembering whether the light was left on will vanish for due to 5G and its low latency (response time), multiple devices will stay connected to the local network. LPWAN (“Low power Wide Area Network”) as it is popularly known, will allow various devices at our homes to bypass home networks and achieve a direct connection thus providing better stability over the connection. Most of all the household switches, electrical appliances will be interconnected, allowing easier accessibility and comfort to the users. These things do exist in today’s networks too, but with the speed and efficiency of a 5G network, they will achieve near perfection.

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In the initial stages of its launch to the public, 5G is expected to be costlier than 4G for telecom operators will have to set up new and better infrastructure to make 5G networks available across various regions. But with the due course of time, the cost is expected to decrease for cost efficiency will be a major deciding factor in the success of 5G, just like any other new technology that comes to market these days.

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