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Human Body Facts That Can Make Life Easier

The human body is an amazing gift of God. It is capable of surprising us all the time. Just like nature, our body possesses self-healing and rejuvenating characteristics. Our body is a perfect personification of being cordial with nature and self-fulfilling.

While following a healthy lifestyle and living happily are a crucial part of maintaining our body, there are several human body tricks that can make life easier. Our neural system is very robust and is fault-tolerant. Most of the tricks are actually, a matter of manipulating the neural networks to behave in certain ways. Such tips are lifesavers and the best part is, there are no side effects associated with such tricks and hacks. There are certain small but re-current problems that we face during the day. They can be hiccups, continuous sneezing, stomach-related problems, sleep-related issues, psychological illness and routine crisis. There are as simple hacks to fight such issues.

These days, “acupressure” is a buzzword in health science and has worked wonders as a natural prevention and cure technique. Acupressure is basically a touch therapy wherein the acupuncture points on our body (specific points for either prevention or curing specific health problem) are simulated with finger pressure rather than needles. Videos, images and hacks related to acupressure are viral across social media and has regained people’s trust in natural science. Even yoga and meditation have integrated generations over natural medical therapy rather then chemical medication and drugs. It has positively transformed the life of several humans. From common cold, fever, cough, headache, digestion problems, migraine to severe and chronic diseases like TB, yellow fever, cancer etc, the methods prove to be the ultimate life-savers.

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Have you ever wondered all these wonder methods do not need any chemical ingredient from the outside world and nor do they need any fiscal investment? Hence, healthy living with the added benefit of natural living. So, doctors and health experts emphasise quite a lot on meditation, yoga and acupressure. They have yielded excellent results in the last many years and prove to be the best remedies and prevention techniques in circumstances of depression, stress and psychological disorders, which are the most prominent among with the basic health issues these days.

There are many other tricks that can make our lives easier. These deal with more common problems and not very severe health issues. But, definitely are a step towards healthy living, in a natural and effective way. Some of them are listed below:

  • In case you are under stress or are worried. In cases when you experience panic or anxiety attacks, your heart rate increases very quickly. Stuff your thumb into your mouth (it will look like you are sucking it) and rather blow out air. You will get puffed cheeks.

This trick has a detailed medical background as per which it stimulates the “VAGUS NERVE”, i.e. electrical impulses are sent to the vagus nerve, resulting in slowing down the heartbeat and reducing the blood pressure also.

  • To get rid of hiccups, there are several wonder methods that actually work. The easiest of them is to stick your tongue with an ice-cube. The other one is to inhale deeply, hold the breath for some time and then exhale through the nose.

Closing your ears with your palms and then drinking water from the glass (through a straw) can also help.

  • We might experience body-aches very often. Especially, during physical activity (running or exercising), if you get a cramp on either left or right side of your body, exhaling while being active on the opposite side helps. Meaning, if you have cramps on the right side, exhale while you are on the left foot and vice-versa (recommended while running).

10 Human Body Tricks That Can Make Life Easier

Simply coughing can also help in diminishing any sort of body pain. The scientific reason behind it was inferred from a study suggesting, coughing forces your body to lower pain signals to the brain. One study found that coughing can diminish the pain from medical injections by distracting the patient and by increasing blood pressure.

  • This frequent problem is faced by all of us. When your leg sleeps, the sudden sensation of needles pointing and tickling is just the most unwanted feeling.

10 Human Body Tricks That Can Make Life Easier

But, no worries anymore, we have got you covered. This hack would probably be useful to most of us. In such a situation, just shake your head and within a few seconds, as the muscles relax, the painful sensation in the leg would vanish just as it wasn’t present at all.

  • Irritated with the tickle in your throat? Even when water, cough syrups or drops fail and even coughing to clear the throat don’t work, here’s what you can do. Scratch your ears to calm the tickle in your throat. Our ears and throat are internally connected, the nervous system stimulates to relax muscles, relieving your throat from the unwanted tickle.
  • As the doctors recommend and for obvious reasons of efficient digestion, it is always good to incorporate early dinner in the day schedule. But there are still cases when we have to sleep immediately after dinner. To avoid “ACID REFLUX” and “SLEEP TIME HEARTBURN”, one must always sleep on the left side. This happens to be the perfect position for the stomach, this way it lies below your oesophagus and the gastric juices do not displace resulting in a pleasant stomach!


  • Do you find parties or loud music irritating because you can’t really hear what your friends are saying? An amazing way for clear hearing is to use the flap of the ear, called tragus and press it to enable hearing in a noisy room.

Another very common problem is ear pop in air journeys. A very good hack for the trick is chewing gum in the aeroplane. This will open up the Eustachian tube. This will help equalize the pressure in your ear and end the popping. Another alternative is to yawn, that will again cure ear popping.

  • Sensitivity towards cold beverages can cause sudden brain freeze? That can completely destroy happiness. This happens because of the nerves at the roof of your mouth freeze and sends signals to your brain. Simply pressing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth as hard as possible can relieve the pain. Try doing this frequently to avoid a painful experience.
  • Did you ever think that dizziness would be related to our ears? Strange, right? But it is true that dizziness is caused due to the imbalance in the cupula, a part of the human ear responsible for the balance.Image result for DIZZINESS
  • So, to regain the balance, one has to hold a string and stable object like a table or a chair, firmly. Sitting firmly and avoiding bright lights can also be used to fight dizziness during the day.
  • Constant sneezing can create discomfort, especially when you are suffering from cold. For patients of dust allergy, sneezing is the worst experience and can actually worsen with time. To avoid moments of embarrassment, especially when in a public set-up, use this trick.

Sneezing can be avoided by pressing your finger on the area just above the upper lip. Even pinching your nose bridge and gently rubbing it helps.

These were some of the many human body tricks that can make our lives easier, by saving us from many embarrassing moments and helping us cope with our habits. The human body is capable for performing all sorts of complex tasks and can be stimulated as per the environment with practice. It is an interesting system which can never be learnt completely. You can really find amazing things about your body, depending on your lifestyle and habits, every single day.

I am sure we can explore several ways in which our body is a self-help tool. Tips and tricks which can save us from most of the trouble, must be known by all of us.

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