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In Conversation with Dinavahi Shravya

The WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN) is considered to be the most accurate simulation of the United Nations in the world. It aims towards precisely simulating the United Nations in Model UN programs. It also provides students with the most realistic experience ever possible.

The program features intensive training workshops taught by UN officials, briefings on important agenda items by UN Agencies, and a conference session in the heart of New York City.

Neuronerdz got in touch with Dinavahi Shravya, a class 11th commerce student from Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Hyderabad, who attended the WIMUN held from the 31st of January 2020 to 4th of February 2020 at the Newyork University. Amongst other delegates, Shravya received the Diplomacy Award.

At the UN Assembly

Neuronerdz: What motivated you to be a part of the Model United Nations conference?

Shravya: I have always had keen interest towards co-curricular activities apart from my academics. I am a trained classical dancer and have had the opportunity to perform at Nadaneerajanam. I wanted to be a part of the WIMUN Conference because of my interest towards debating and to have more experience and exposure. Going for the WIMUN was a prestigious opportunity, and I was grateful to take part in such a big and important conference.


Neuronerdz: What was the procedure following which you became a part of your school’s MUN team?

Shravya: There was an official process followed by the faculties at school in which they decided on a group of students eligible to attend the WIMUN based on academics and student performances. The organisation, “Worldview Education Services” aided the school in the process. The faculties then reached out to the parents of those selected, and later on, the documentation process followed.


Neuronerdz: What was the delegation given to you?

Shravya: Third Committee General Assembly of Bahrain

Agenda: Youth Development Links to Sustainable Development



Neuronerdz: How did you prepare for MUN?

Shravya: The school helped a lot with preparation for the MUN. They organized special classes for the selected students by an expert in the field. They also gave us several opportunities to express our doubts and concerns. There was a complete booklet about all we needed to know about the MUN.


Neuronerdz: What was your best experience of MUN?

Shravya: The whole 4-day experience of WIMUN was very enriching and informative. It was a very good and learning experience. The best part, although, was the Resolution making process with our political groups and discussing it with all the other 3 political groups. We had 2-3 sessions to finalize the resolution among the delegates before we had an official review with the Chair.

Students at the UN Assembly

 Neuronerdz: What do you do if some country insulted your country’s integrity?

Shravya: I would remind the fellow delegates that every country being represented in the conference is sovereign and there is no country inferior to the other.


Neuronerdz: Don’t the follow-up questions scare you?

Shravya: The questions posed by the Chair or the Secretary would not scare the delegate if we are well prepared and know everything related to the Resolution.


Neuronerdz: If given the full veto power, how would you use it?

Shravya: I would still make all decisions about the resolution with the complete consensus of all the delegates.


Neuronerdz: How did you feel getting the Diplomacy Award?

Shravya: It felt great getting the Diplomacy Award as I did a lot of hard work to get to that position. There were many criteria to be considered as a worthy delegate for the award.

On Receiving the Diplomacy Award  

Neuronerdz: Would you like to give any suggestions for students wishing to be a part of this conference?

Shravya: The only advice I can think of is to not be nervous during the conference. The delegate should be confident enough to speak up at the conference and not be afraid to put forth their thoughts and points.

With other delegates

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