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Indian General Elections 2019

In India, elections are celebrated like a festival. You will get to see hoardings, posters and all the advertisement on TV or any other kind of media in the whole country. India is the largest democracy in the world, Holds its election for the Lok Sabha every five years.  The President of India is the official head of state who is elected indirectly for a five-year term by an electoral college comprising members of national and state legislatures. The Prime Minister of India is the head of government and exercises most executive power. Appointed by the president, the prime minister is supported by the party or political alliance having a majority of seats in the Lok Sabha.

This blog is not about how the democracy works in India it’s also not particularly about how elections are being held in India. What this blog actually offers you will get to know as you read it further.

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There is a kind of tradition in India is that you are judged up to an extent by the kind of political views you have or the party you support. That is the reason I mentioned in the first line that elections in India are being celebrated like a festival. The party who wins the elections takes the hold of the country for the next five years that is the reason why elections are the most important part of democracy.

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India being the secular country it’s always been so hard for it to satisfy the expectations and demands of people from different religious groups or community. But the fact that India is holding such a diverse population all together from the very past gives us the feeling of proud. There are some situations happened in past related to religious issues or even happens with time to time but still the way it resolves the problem trying its best to make sure that no sentiments of any religion are being hurt or anything like this.

Elections are the most important part to maintain the very spirit of democracy. At the ground level if a party wants to win it should have a great hold at the public as the poor don’t know whom to vote even they don’t understand the value of their vote it is just they tell them which button to press in the EVM machine and they do.

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There are so much more things to know about elections in India if we get more into the insights of elections. Nothing in this world is 100% pure there’s always something unknown, it is just how deeply we know about it. With goodness, there comes badness too. But it’s always about maintaining the very spirit of democracy. But in the end, we always hope for our country to grow and prosper well and elections and democracy are the very steps of maintaining a particular.

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