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Inspiration can come out of nowhere

Inspiration can come out of nowhere. I mean it. One second you are sitting or standing or singing crazily in the shower and the next second, your creative juices get flowing in your brain and suddenly you are filled with ideas. I am sure that you too have felt it at least once in your lifetime. When you were doing a math problem, it’s been an hour but you are still stuck. It could also be you want to perfect that stroke but something always seem off.

You leave it for a while and get busy with other things, play ball, paint your nails, dance to a new song. But then suddenly, that problem again pops up in your head but it does not stop like last time, it goes on and you have your answer. Sometimes you even not get the solution that you were hoping for instead a better one lands in your hands.

If you do not believe me, I can give you a few examples, proof that inspiration really came out of nowhere.

Falling Apple


I am damn sure you have read about this one, it is quite famous. A certain someone, Newton, was simply sitting under an apple tree when he saw an apple fell down from the tree. Nothing out of the ordinary, an apple simply fell down but inspiration hit him hard and a simple situation, turned out to be the reason for the realization of the greatest discovery of all time, GRAVITY.

Dirty Dishes

Image result for flemings dirty dishes

When working in the lab, it is a must that you always carefully dispose of failed cultures and the used pieces of equipment. It could be hazardous otherwise. But Sir Fleming made a mistake and did not do that. Weeks after when he saw the dirty dishes he notices something unusual and cues the inspiration. In those dirty dishes, he actually discovered the first antibiotic, Penicillin. (But that does not mean you could leave yours in the lab or in kitchen, do the dishes)

Chocolate melting in pants

Image result for percy l spencer microwave

Read that again. I am not joking and you can Google it. There was this guy named, Percy L Spencer, he was fiddling with some things. What things? You might ask. The thing is called, Microwave-emitting-magnetron. When suddenly he felt a gluey and tingly sensation in his pants! He was surprised to see that the chocolate bar he kept in his pant pocket has melted away. (Yes, chocolate bar, what else did you think it was) Suddenly he was hit with the inspiration arrow and Microwave was invented.

Wasn’t that interesting? I certainly do not go looking for inspiration at such places. I am sure that these people too were caught unaware. Inspiration simply hits you out of nowhere and you are pretty much helpless. Once the ideas start pouring into head you may find it is impossible to stop them. (This sometimes happens to me)

What do you do to get inspired? When you get stuck in a problem and could not find out the answer to it, what do you do? Do you bang your head on the door until the solution lands in your head? Or would you rather go, have a hot bath to calm yourself down and then afterwards get down to business? Which is your go-to method when you get stuck at something? Or you do not have any particular solution? You simply standby and all of a sudden Eureka! You have got it. Whatever it is, it is. As no method is perfect and inspiration can come out of nowhere. Literally!

Image result for what is your inspiration

Want to read about what some famous personalities did to get inspired, check this link: https://www.businessbacker.com/blog/unusual-inspiration-how-9-creative-minds-got-their-ideas/

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