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ISRO Gears Up For Chandrayaan-2

After a successful mission of moon and mars, ISRO is all set up to create history in the field of space. Chandrayan-2 is the first project of the ISRO for the soft landing on the moon. The launcher carrying the Chandrayan-2 is GSLV Mark-III. The Chandrayaan-2 will have 3 major components carrying on its expedition.

Pragyan rover

The rover is able to communicate only to the lander. It can travel up to 500m. And uses the solar-powered engine for the exploration. It weighs only 27 kilograms, the power capacity of the rover is 50W only. It works and operated by artificial intelligence.

Vikram lander

The lander will perform the soft landing on the surface of the moon. Making India the fourth country to perform soft-land on the moon. The lander will land in the southern most region of the moon. It will carry the rover and transport it safely to the moon’s surface. It is designed to work for one lunar day (14 days) and has the capability to communicate with the orbiter, rover and to the IDSN (Indian deep space network), Bangalore.


It will be placed at an altitude of 100X100 km in lunar polar orbit. The orbiter will communicate between the IDSN, Bangalore and to the lander. The orbiter will work for the one year in the polar region of the moon.

The ISRO has developed all the technology on its own. India will be the first country to perform a soft landing on the south most region of the lunar region. The objective of the mission is to explore the southern region of the moon. As it stays in the dark and may contain water. The whole mission’s components of the ISRO is homegrown. The southern part of the moon is unexplored till date, Chandrayaan-2 will be the first spacecraft to land in that region. India will become the first country to land the spacecraft near the south pole of the moon. The launch date of the Chandrayaan-2 has been scheduled on 15 of July 2019.

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