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Lakshmi Vilas Palace- The Largest Private Dwelling


The Lakshmi Vilas Palace is one of the largest private accommodation. It is located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Gaekwad family has constructed the palace, a well known Maratha family, the rulers of the Baroda State. Gaekwad royal family lives in the palace.

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Architects Of lakshmi Vila

Major Charles Mant and Robert Chisholm were the main architects of the palace. The indo-Saracenic Revival architecture style is in the palace. ‎



Founder Of Lakshmi Vila

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III built the Lakshmi Vilas Palace in 1890 for £180,000 (₹27,00,000). Maharaja has reforming much of his state during his rule.

Sayajirao Gaekwad III - Wikipedia

After the independence of India, this family made many economic and social reforms in Vadodara. Firstly, they helped in preventing child marriage. Secondly, the elimination of untouchability. Finally, they have started social and cultural development.

Group portrait with the Gaekwar of Baroda, the Governor of Bombay ...


Inside The Palace

This palace is one of the world’s largest palace, which is four times bigger than the Buckingham Palace of England and Aisle Palace. Gaekwad royal family owns 700 acres of the surrounding land.

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There is a zoo, park, museum, a cricket ground, and a tennis and badminton court, a golf court in this Palace. Moreover, there is a birdhouse near the palace.

Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club & Course in Vadodara | Book Tee Times


Painting Of Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma was the royal Painter of Gaekwads for many years. He was from Travancore. In 1881, Sir T.Madhavarao, the British Regent of Baroda decided to invite Ravi Varma to paint the ceremonial photographs of Sayajirao III.

The Story of Indian Art #11: Raja Ravi Varma | The Engrave Blog


King Of Lakshmi Vilas Palace

Ranjitsinhrao is the Maharaja of this kingdom till 2012. Samarjitsinh became part of the line of natural continuation for the Baroda’s Gaekwad dynasty. He has crowned Maharaja in a traditional ceremony at Lakshmi Vilas Palace on 22 June 2012.



Bank Of Baroda

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III and his family have made a remarkable contribution to introducing the Bank of Baroda. As a result, they founded the bank on 20 July 1908 in the Princely State of Baroda, in Gujarat.

Bank of Baroda | History of Vadodara - Baroda


Entry To Lakshmi Vilas Palace

This  Palace is open for tourists from 9 am to 5 pm. Hereby paying a fee of 150 rupees we can enter inside the palace. fees for foreigners are Rs.400 and fees for Indian nationals are rs.225. Both are inclusive 18% GST. you can contact them by Phone: 072279 39902. Inside there a train to cover all places. In conclusion, Lakshmi Vilas Palace is the best tourist place in India.


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