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Life’s been a mess lately

Life’s been a mess, lately. It could be voted as the sentence of the year. Got fired from your job, broke up with your love, friends ditched you, or another way around. Let’s chalk every trivial thing that bugged you or is still bugging you and put it under Life’s been a mess lately. Want to know why, let’s just say that it will get things started. And afterward, life will start looking up. Once you have a title for your problems, then you can get onto the next step, to solve them.



Shout it out

Literally, you can try it once, just for the sake of it, be it in an empty room, on your roof, where no one is watching, or even in the crowd if you like it. What’s the point of keeping it in, it will only add to your frustrations. That’s one way to pave way for your inner angst.

Voicing your thoughts is very important. If you don’t like the literal version, then you can also try other ways. For eg, write them in a diary, give color to them in form of art, make music if that is what you are into. Or plain old, do physical activities like cycling, boxing, dancing, etc, etc whatever you need. The point is to vent them.

If we continue to store them inside us, we will be like a walking time bomb, ready to explode at the slightest of the mishap. And surely we don’t want that, right?

Speak our mind

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Most of the time we hold back what we want to say, or we say it in a disguised manner. Why? What for? What is it that stops us from saying what we actually had in mind? Is it getting misunderstood, which we eventually end up with because we did not say the truth, or is it because of fear? Fear of exposing yourselves to the hungry crowd that would devour you inside out if you showed weakness. Try to break out of it, the key here is to try and keep trying.

The battle is lost not when we get defeated, but when we give up.

Weakness or Strength

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We tend to think that speaking our mind is a kind of weakness. We will get rejected by friends, family, society alike, become a subject of ridicule, etc etc. People will talk and then forget after a while. New friends can take place of old ones. And as for family, well, it is called family for a reason. Even if there are disputes or fights, in the long run, our family has our back.

Our insecurities have such a stronghold on us that we have become a slave to it. Let’s try to take it as strength. Our mind is the strongest of the weapon out there. So why not once in a while or better yet on a regular basis, we choose it as a sharp blade to cut the insecurities, fears out of our lives.

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Let’s just try to do a little bit more on the good side. Laugh a little louder, smile a little wider, be a little merrier!


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