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Interview: Manjit Sargam Chawla

I had this amazing interview with an awesome personality, Manjit Sargam Chawla. A down to earth person, she is friendly, charming and her simple demeanour will cast a spell on you. Her books will warm your heart and nourish your soul and in no time you will be hooked and craving for more. So without any further delay let’s show you some snippets of this conversation.

Neuronerdz- When you suffered an accident in which your right hand was severely injured, what prompted you to start writing?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- I thought my life was over. It was a serious injury, with all the drills and screws. I work in the bank sector and you need your right hand to do work, so that was off the table for now. Before the accident, I used to write in my diary. I tried with my left hand to write but was not successful.

Something inside me was urging me to write. I could feel it in my bones. I wanted to write it out, my thoughts, what I was going through, my feelings, everything. So I started to write on a laptop. I don’t know what happened to me but I finished typing two books within a month – The Dream Manifester and The Mystic of twin flame Relationship, and that too with my left hand.

The pain of the procedure was so overwhelming that I had only two options, either to feel the pain or channel it into something positive. After my accident, I found a different career. I was grateful for this accident. If I think, that this did not happen to me, I might have missed it. I felt something was missing and then this accident happened. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Neuronerdz- In your book, ‘The Mystic of twin flame relationship’ you have talked about the reincarnation of souls. What lead you to explore this mysterious world?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- Sometimes things directly come from your soul. Reincarnation, I felt some things, be it telepathy or intuition, things like that I have encountered them in my life. After experiencing it, I felt like I should write about it.

It was if you don’t know, for example about spirituality, and then you go on exploring. New doors start opening and it continues. The same thing happened to me. After that, I read more about brain waves and realized that the things that I have experienced were already written down and it was only now that I was reading it, from other people’s books. It was my personal experience that guided men in my journey.

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Neuronerdz- How do you maintain this delicate balance between personal and professional life? If somehow one overpowers others, what do you do in that scenario?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- Maintaining a balance between the two is quite simple. Whenever my family needs me I simply put writing at the backbench. Priorities, how much priority you are giving, that is important.

So when my family demands my attention I go there and when I feel that my writing is calling me, I do that. It always depends on priorities. I prefer to write early in the morning when it is peaceful and silent. It’s more comfortable for me and then according to that, I divide my time amongst my family members.

Neuronerdz- How did you feel when you came to know that you were selected for ’25 women of virtue’?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- In my view, I don’t particularly deserve anything. Everything is a blessing. For me, it was a blessing. What I think is that there are so many women that have lots of virtues, who are not able to come on this platform, they remain invisible, but they still do what they do.

For me, what matters most is how many lives I touched? When I wrote ‘Live, love and Laugh’ the only thought that kept me going was that ‘if I save even one life, change a person’s life for better than the energy I put in writing is worth it’.

So when I talk about ‘25 women of virtues’ according to me, it is not merely 25 but every woman is virtuous.

Neuronerdz- Have you suffered from writer’s block? What steps do you follow to overcome it?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- Countless times (She laughs). Many times it happens that you can’t feel the vibe, your inner being is not ready. So, you can’t write. I have suffered from that a lot. To overcome that, I work on myself. I meditate, increase my spirituality and try to come back in my range. When I finally do, I write.

Neuronerdz- What drove you to make a fusion between Indian and Hawaiian techniques to increase brainpower?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- In India, starting from childhood, faith is developed. If I say about Punjabi’s, ‘Waheguruji’s name’ is chanted. While in other cultures, we chant, ‘OM’ OR ‘SHIVAY’. The point is we are given faith and this faith with time merges with our subconsciousness. So we think that if we recite the mantra we believe in, in the end, everything will be fine.

So I merged this faith with Hawaiian technique. Although this technique was perfect on its own when we talk about the Indian context, then these mantras develop faith and link it to the universe. So merging these two techniques sends our belief our prayers in upper vibration, in a different dimension. We live in the third dimension and when we connect with the higher dimension, its manifestation becomes easy. We feel that the problem has become simple, we get detached from other things and focus on one thing and get it done, like breeze.

Neuronerdz- What is your life’s motto? What keeps you going and drives you to write?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- I have seen youth being in a state of constant depression. According to me, these youth are like a hidden treasure of spirituality and the universe. Seeing them under so much stress, I don’t like it. Personally, I felt like exploring these things and then put it all out in open, in front of them. So they can enjoy depression free life and grow in life, that’s my motto.

Along with that, I want to help disabled children to learn, especially autistic children. Right now, I am searching for peculiar audio. I want to merge it with mantras to create music with this fusion that will increase the brainpower of autistic children. I am researching it for years and hopeful in its calibre.

When it comes to inspiration, for me, ‘LIFE’, itself inspire you. I do not have any specific person that I go to for inspiration. For me, every person who has been a part of your life teaches you something. I believe it is soul calling from within. Nobody can tell you to do something; that power resides in you. It is destiny. If something is motivating you from within, then that definitely is your destiny. You are not inducing it, but it is coming from inside you.

Neuronerdz- Your latest work is regarding Telephysics. What made you explore this lesser-traveled road?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- Telephysics, intuitions, aster projections they are all linked. When I started to explore, I got to know about the universe, the law of attraction and then I turned to twin flame. When it comes to Telephysics or intuitions, I have felt them since I was a child. There are many incidents that have happened and I was aware beforehand of their happening.

When you meditate, get connected with yourself on a deeper level then these life procedures keep coming to you on their own. As per, I am not researching on Telephysics or anything. I have felt these things and when I write I just change these feelings into words and that’s it.

Neuronerdz- What kind of genre you like to read? If you have any favourite author or work, do tell?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- I like books by Paulo Coelho. His books are deep. Actually I started reading books much later after I started my writing. Before that, I only read self-help books. Someone suggested me to read ‘Alchemist’, ‘Brida’. When I read Brida, I felt that I have written about similar things and it was only now that I was reading it too.

I like books by Dr. Brian Weiss. His books- ‘Many lives, Many Masters’, ‘Only love is real’, ‘Same soul, different Bodies’ are very good. In his writings, he has proved reincarnation too.

Neuronerdz- What would you like to say to our budding writers?

Manjit Sargam Chawla- I would say, ‘listen to your heart and write.’


Writing is not like, ‘you have to write like this or that only.’ No, I don’t think so. Writing is your heart, your soul. Whatever you are feeling from your soul, change it into words. It can’t be forced. I always suggest to writers that whatever comes to your heart, write it.

You can buy your copy from here- https://www.amazon.in/Books-Manjit-Sargam-Chawla/s?rh=n%3A976389031%2Cp_27%3AManjit+Sargam+Chawla

PS- Close your ears to people’s bullshit and trust yourself. Life will show you the way.

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