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Motivation To Stay Healthy

Everyone thinks to stay fit and eat healthily. But get stuck at that point. Everyone thinks but only a handful actually does. The hurdles that come between this dream and reality varies from people to people.  It could be that one is lazy, do not have time, have time but not necessary means, the list is endless. But what about those people who dare to venture in this most beloved notion of staying healthy. What do you think is their motivation to stay healthy?

Motivation comes in all sizes. So sit back and relax you will definitely find yours by the end of this blog.

Motivation to stay healthy

  • To fit in that dress

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This is the most lucrative incentive, especially for girls. We love to shop and want to look our best in whatever we wear. So when you don’t fit in the jean that you bought only last month you get your motivation from that.  You go right up to cut back those extra calories and start exercising.

  • Confidence

Yup, it is a surprising factor that many knows but won’t share with you. Confidence is the key to everything. So how does it become a motivation to stay healthy? When your body is fit and you actually feel comfortable in your skin you shed your inhibitions back. You develop confidence unknowingly and start exploring. You definitely want to keep that confidence with you hence in retrospect it becomes your motivation to stay fit and healthy.

  • Show that body offImage result for body show off man


I know that it sounds a bit cheesy but most of the people start exercising with this thought in mind. They want to develop a gorgeous body, especially guys, that six-pack abs are their dream goal.  There is nothing wrong with it. If you got it then you can flaunt it too.

  • Idols/CelebritiesImage result for hrithik roshan


You read it right. Our next inspirational motive is celebs. Everybody has a role model that one wants to be like. So when a person sees their idol have such a healthy body or workout routine unknowingly they too start in that direction. You want to follow them so if your idol is into jogging, yoga, eating healthy, cycling, etc you go for it without second-guessing.

  • Jealousy

It may sound weird and most of you won’t accept it but it is indeed true. Some people do start exercising when they see the people around them are in shape while they are not. This gives birth to negative feelings. But sometimes this is what we actually need to push ourselves this burning feeling that ignite us from within. So this kind of jealousy is good as the end result is a healthy body.

  • To stay fit

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This is rare but true. There are people in this world who wants to stay fit mean it and do things accordingly just for the sake of it. They are those priceless gems hidden among us that are true to themselves. They focus on themselves.

  • Logic

We do have these kinds of people among us.  Might be your friend, acquaintance, neighbour, you got the point. These people have solid reasoning behind doing everything. Taking the pros and cons of a situation and then work it out. So with a healthy body lets cross-check our pros first. You get a healthy body, feel rejuvenated after a workout, the whole day goes amazing, don’t feel like you are about to pass out after climbing some stairs! Next, we look for cons- NOTHING! NADA! (So when are you starting your exercise?)

These are some factors that might gear one up for a workout… to get sweaty and burn those extra calories. So what is your motivation to stay healthy? Do check out this video to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX2A98kides

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