Inception is one unique as well as complex creation of writer/director  Christian Nolan. This movie messes up with your mind, plays along as your suspense levels get higher and by the end of the movie you are pretty much muddled up as to what is real and what is fake in your life as well. This open-ended story has won several accolades and received great critics. Well, why shouldn’t it? After all, Nolan took more than 10 years to confine the whole idea about inception in a script.

if this movie exhilarated you enough and you are in search for some similar movies then here’s a list of more movies that you can resort to for exciting your brains a little more. Also, a great way to spend the weekends.


Another one by Nolan, this movie is science fiction. The story is set in a dystopian future where people struggle to survive and reality is on the verge of destruction as facts become myths. During such a time, a group of scientists set out to find the humanity in a different dimension in a wormhole near Saturn.IMDb rated 8.6 and nominated at 87th Academy Awards. Need I tell you more?


An epic sci-fi directed by James Cameron, this one had the audience swept off their feet with the visual effects and the depths of the story. Again set in the future Avatar is a story based on the human race in a war against the extra terrestrials. The human beings are trying to colonize the planet of Pandora for the mining of the mineral unobtanium. This colonization threatens the localized tribe of Na’vi who retaliate with violence.


Another one of Nolan’s creations, Dunkirk revolves around the evacuation of  Dunkirk during World War II. The movie goes on from the perspectives of Alex, Tommy, and Gibson, three soldiers who happen to cross paths during the evacuation. Expressing the story more through cinematography and music than dialogues, this movie won several accolades including the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. As stated by many, this could easily be branded as Nolan’s best creation so far.


Directed by Brad Anderson and rated a 7.7 by IMDB, this film is a psychological thriller, starring Christian Bale in the lead who lost 28 kgs to gain the skinny emaciated look for the movie. The story revolves around Trevor, who suffers from acute insomnia gets into trouble at his workplace due to his psychological problems involving an accident with his co-worker. After he gets fired, he gets sucked into a world of paranoia and delusion. The movie, just like Inception, keeps you hanging till the end with suspense. Received well by critics and nominated for several accolades, this movie is another one if you searching for something different.


If Inception excited your grey cells, then this movie is just for you. Another one of those looped plots, this movie narrates a story of a group of people who goes on a boating trip and gets hit by a storm. This leads them to abandon their boat and consecutively seek shelter in a derelict ship, which appears to be deserted at first sight. Then the story unfolds as successive strange events start taking place on the ship and it seems as if someone has been chasing them. As said by the critics, “it will twist you and terrify you over and over”.


What if the life we are living is nothing but a simulation? How do we know what is real and what’s not? Neo is a person who is caught in a maze of such questions when he is revealed that he had been two lives without his exact knowledge. While trying to find out the truth, he comes across the Matrix. This film’s success encouraged to bring in the two sequels, and the franchise also expanded to release comic books, games as well as animated short films inspired from the movie.


Want a movie with so many twists and turns that it leaves you dizzy enough by the end? Shutter Island, by Martin Scorcese is one of those films which get you gripped enough but also leaves you guessing about the film long after the end. Another one of Leonardo Dicaprio’s best works, this movie is based on Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name. The story goes around a psychiatric facility on Shutter Island where one of the patients have gone missing and  Edward “Teddy “ Daniels along with his partner officer, Chuck Aule(played by Mark Ruffalo) is appointed for the investigation. With an IMDB rating of 8.1, this movie is a must watch for all people.


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