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Nizams in Kolkata: The best place for kathi rolls

Nizams restaurant in Kolkata is one of the best or you can say the best place available to serve the best possible rolls. Kolkata is the land of joy, happiness, colors, and whatnot in every place. The loud chanting of cricket lovers in Eden Gardens to the spellbound atmosphere of Bengalis in Durga Pooja.The never-ending affair with Mishti Dohi or the incessant flow of Hoogli beneath the Howrah Bridge the city has its own charm and beauty which connects to the heart and transcends to the soul of a human being. One such noteworthy place to visit in this city is Nizams, as the name signifies it has something to do with royalty, hmm not really it is a place for the food lovers.

Image result for nizams of kolkataThis is the place where famous Kathi Rolls found their invention. The vintage food joint has a connection with Mughals who are given credit for the oh so mouth-watering delicacy called Kathi Rolls. Kathi Rolls have their mention in the tales of Mughalai food history. It is believed that Mughals wanted to make a food item which could serve as hurried, easily handled snack for hurried customers. Kebabs are synonymous with Nawabs as stars with the night. You name one the other will automatically come to head. These Kebabs which were grilled on iron skewers are in itself a mouth-watering delicacy.              Image result for nizams in kolkatraThe name ‘Kathi Rolls’ however came from the fact that the iron skewers were replaced by wooden ones in 1964 as these more easier to handle and operate. The locally used name for these wooden skewers was ‘Kati’ and hence the name Kathi rolls. Although the name these days corresponds to whether the kebab is covered with parantha or not. The famous Kathi rolls conceived as the eating delight of Mughals soon became the popular entity of the whole Kolkata. The meat Kebabs are now added with a variety of amazing other food items. Not only the non-vegetarians even the vegetarians are served with a wide range of paneer kebabs, chickpea kebabs and what not. Even the Mughals might someday wonder what started as the meat kebab added with eggs in the due course of time will have its impact for generations to come.                                                                    Nizams not only serves Kathi Rolls although they are highly famous among Kolkata for this only. The various sort of rolls starting from paneer to meat or the yummy Parathas or the Kebabs of this restaurant are equally worthy to gather foodies attention. The rich aesthetic taste of this place has truly attracted the generations of food lovers and will continue to do so in time to come. When has truly remarked food if not whole life has to be an important part of it. Agreed to a certain extent though food is life and life is food for so many of us.                                                                        To sign off if you ever been to Kolkata the land of ever welcoming people whose heart are as endearing as ‘Misthi Dohi’ do pay a visit to Nizams and become an inseparable part of rich Mughal heritage and culture

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