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Phone Booths Transformed Into Aquariums on the Streets of Osaka

“Iss bhagte safar m kuch pal jo sukoon k,

Miljaye to ye zindagi khushi se kat jayegi”

From time immemorial humans have valued beauty. His aesthetic sense has allowed him to indulge in the creation of numerous masterpieces to satisfy his vanity. Painters, sculptures and people with alike interest are equally important as their arts. In recent times their value has not decreased a bit but I can get as far as to say surpassed what it used to be. Art has become more than simply a way to amuse one. The passion ignites the response it generates leave a lasting impression on one’s soul.

To keep up the pace with the development people have temporarily forgotten to enjoy the beauty of now. We are so immersed to match ourselves with the growing advancement that we have gotten used to life and failed to remember its splendour. This is the case with most of us but not all of us. Kingyobu is an artist that thrives hard to maintain this delicate balance of appreciation. To break this fast pace of life he has provided a few moments of relief with his initiative.

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In Osaka, Japan there used to be telephone booths that were meant to connect people living far away but this wonderful creation lost its allure after the arrival of high technology and people no longer used them. As time passed they became more of a symbol of past than means of communication. What happens to things no longer useful to mankind is not difficult to guess. Hence this phone booth became another invention that was deemed as junk, a wasteful piece of scrap.

Humans minds work in mysterious ways, his way to look at a situation is what makes this creature unique. Kingyobu gave a new look to these phone booths. Now, these booths have turned into beautiful goldfish aquarium. In the streets of Osaka there are no longer unused phone booths but in its place are phone booths turned aquariums. These aquariums are a sight to behold. Its magnificence has left people short of words and once again the human sense of aesthetic value has done us in.

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These aquariums have provided the much-needed break to our monotonous lives. It asks us to stop for a while and appreciate its beauty and the moment of now. By looking at these beautiful goldfishes swimming without a care in this world one can temporarily forget all the misgivings he is suffering. This gives us a moment of refuge and all the weight from our shoulders is lifted for time being. It has shown us to appreciate the beauty once again. Seeing these marvellous creatures automatically lifts one’s mood and adds a burst of vitality to them.


This inspiration has greatly helped people to look at things in a new light. I personally think this has lead to the development of a new wave that will help people to change their rigid mindset. It does not matter if creation has become outdated as long people change their outlook and willing to accept new things its usefulness will always be there. It is rightly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and these phone booth aquariums are one exquisite example of it.

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