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Ramoji film city

Who does not like watching movies, but ever wondered how they are made, Let’s enter the world of Ramoji film city.
Ramoji film city is a Guinness world-record-holding 1666 acre of land. Hollywood Universal studios can fit into it 4 times with a room to spare. Ramoji film city is situated in Hyderabad, India.

Its was opened in 1966, It was conceived and developed by Ramoji Rao. It is said to have around 1.5 million tourists every year.
There have been many brilliant movies shooted there like Krrish, Bahubali, Chote Miya Bade Miya, The Dirty Picture, RaOne.

The Ramoji Film Ctiy

Media baron Ramoji Rao wanted to build a studio similar to the ones in Hollywood. “The motto was, walk-in with the script and walk out with the canned film,” said a member of the film city’s administration, who did not wish to be named. “The idea was to help filmmakers save time and production costs.”

The dearth of studio backlots in India also fuelled Rao’s dream. “It was his passion,” added the executive. “He was a visionary.”
Once you get in the Ramoji film city it’s all feels like a deja vu feeling. With anywhere you look, you will see familiar things like on one side you will see the set of the famous movies Bahulbai and another side you will see the railway station where all the famous movies like Chennai express and Ranna were shotted.

“Ramoji film city is one of the most significant things to see in India.”

There are quite many things that people like:

    1. Live Shows


    1. Magic shows


    1. Paintball


    1. Mountain Climbing


    1. Terrace Garden


    1. Zorbing


    1. High Rope Course


    1. Net Course


    1. Rain Dance


    Shooting and archery

In addition, if you ever plan to go to Ramoji film city, these are some useful tips:

    1. 1. Keep yourself hydrated, in other words, take 1-2 bottles of water.
    1. 2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as you might end up walking a lot.
    1. 3. Try to attend the opening and closing ceremony for sure.
    1. 4. There is a  light show in the afternoon, try to not miss it.
             5. Don’t forget to take a map of the park with you you might end up lost if you do not have it.

For children:

“Borasura”, “Fundastan” etc will be their favorite places to spend their time. Some of the other most interesting that are there include a Japanese garden, green zoo, Mughal garden, intricately carved Kripalu caves, buddha statues, a large pool, artificial waterfalls, beautiful dancers, hospital setting, a railway station, an airport terminal, mosques, churches, temples, shopping plazas, palace interiors, rural complexes, urban dwellings, a winding highway, and European and US settings.

Image result for ramoji film city with children



Alampana, Chanakya, and Ganga Jamuna are some of the restaurants there. The rate is just reasonable. It is the ultimate leisure destination for holidays! This city of perpetual charms has every kind of color to suit your mood and temperament.

“Ramoji Film City is the ultimate leisure destination for holidays, honeymooners, corporate conferences, events, theme parties, adventure camps, family picnics, students excursion, and grand weddings. No wonder every year this film studio, which has got a place in Guinness Book Records as the world’s largest film studio complex, attracts more than a million tourists from all over the world!!”



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