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Role of Social Media in Elections

Elections are coming in India, everywhere we see hoardings and posters of different political parties, we see rallies and all other things related to their advertisement, if we go 20 years back advertisement for elections were completely different, there was not much electronic medium for advertisements but unlike those times, Elections nowadays are completely different, now there are social media where you can find election-related advertisement.

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Work social media does

First of all, let us know how this social media thing works. Social media holds a great number of the audience more than anything in the world. People are connected just a minute far around the whole world just by means of social media. It is a platform where millions come and express their opinions and there are millions other who reads that, who gets influenced out of it, and many more things can happen.

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Social media like Facebook, Twitter has the greatest number of audiences … The very tactics of influencing people is that you make your group of people on the social media to share a certain thought related to a certain social dilemma occurred in a  country recently that interests the likes of people and at the same time pointing out things that the government would have done to control or some steps they would have taken …Now what happens is it is shared by thousands of people and read by even more which directly influences the minds of people making them think another party is better in this aspect …

News fake or real???

It is also observed a  lot of time that fake news follows the line and happens to be in trend much quicker than a real news sometimes, this equation turns to put negative effect on the ruling party or whichever party who was aimed in the news…now the news spreads people reads and makes certain conception about the party without even caring to know whether the news is right or not.  Also, on social media people follows some famous personalities, considers them to be their idol, gets motivated by their journey of life, so if a person like that posts something political or puts his/her political view it simply and mostly influences thousand of his/her followers.

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It also happens that because of social media people at a different corner of India gets to know about the political situation of a certain place in his/her own country about which he or she never knew thus helping them understand his own country in a better way. Social media holds a great power it can build a person or a group overnight and at the same time, it can destroy someone’s career entirely in a day. One just needs to know the right way to use these media rest the audience itself is the government.

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