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The Stepwell of Sri Subramanyan Temple

Subramanyam Temple in Peralassery has some significant mentions in Hindu Scripture- the holy Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Rama visited this particular site while he was wandering in the forests of South India while on his way to Lanka. Earlier, this temple was an Ayyappa Temple, but later in Tretha Yuga when Lord Rama consecrated the idol of Subramanyam (the son of Lord Shiva), this temple became to be famously known as Subramanya Temple. Lord Rama felt the positive invisible energies of Shri Subramanyam and therefore decided to install his idol at this place. It is noted that many devotees visit this temple to free themselves from the snake-curses. The idol is in the form of a serpent and people offer eggs as the piece of offerings.


This snake temple in Peralassery is the home for the most unique and biggest stepwell in the Kannur district of Kerala. The Stepwell is unique because of its exhibiting architecture. It is a delight not only for the eyes but for the soul too. It is utterly beautiful and hard to resist. There are numerous steps leading to Stepwell. Since it is an auspicious place, devotees are required to leave their footwear outside the Stepwell.

The steps are in the geometrical star-shaped design and resemble many ‘Baoris’ that are found in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Locals have their belief that water from the Cauvery River mysteriously flows into the Stepwell on Thula Sankraman. This is the reason why this Stepwell is always equipped with water for Devotees. People take the holy dips to rid themselves of any disease or evil.


Not only the temple has its mention in the holy scriptures but the Stepwell has its own ancient significance too.

“It is a popular belief that Kartikeya, that is Lord Subramanyam took the avatar of a five-headed serpent and lived in the pond for a very long time, which turned the pond water sacred.”

Local folks became aware of this fact and they started visiting the pond to get rid off of their miseries. Devotees perform Naga Aradhana under the Ashoka tree where there is a snake hole. Eggs and milk are the main offerings.


 Stepwell of Peralassery- Sri Subramanyam Temple

Stepwell of Peralassery

This temple is opened to people of all religious beliefs. Many temples in the state allow only the Hindu Devotees to enter and worship the temple, but not this one. People with all kinds of religious faiths have access to the Subramanyam temple and the Stepwell.

Reasons to Visit this temple-

It is a popular belief that tying wooden cradles on the holy trees can rid you off of the naga doshams. It also blesses the childless with progeny. Devotees take delight in the beautiful landscape and they also receive the benediction of payasam- milk, jaggery pudding, and rice.


The temple is situated 14km away from Kannur, Kerala. The nearest airport to the stepwell is one located 14km away from the Kannur (Mattannur) airport. One can also travel there using their own vehicle, which is mainly recommended due to its off-road location.

It is also close to the railway station of Kannur at a distance of about 13kms away.

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