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Suicide: Sympathy or mockery?

People nowadays have become quite familiar with the word suicide. Pick up any newspaper and I can bet my entire fortune that at least there would be 2 to 3 cases per print it has become a common occurrence. The reasons for suicide have become obtuse that it is in reality laughable. Suicide has lost its impact on the seriousness that it once had. The fine line between right and wrong is no longer there and as a result people too have become apathetic towards it. They would treat such news as a side dish with their morning tea. The choice of words to describe a situation is so poor that it can make a deaf person bleed.

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Let’s put aside ‘people’s reaction’ and concentrate on the figurative victim. In an actual sense, it all depends upon the state of affairs. There can be two types of scenarios one where the person is said to be a victim or sufferer and the other where we see a character with no backbone.


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Why does a person choose to end his “life” which is the most precious thing that we have? I personally do not think that you can find an individual in the entire world who is actually free from any kind of problem be it financial or emotional. It is just that they come to terms with their situation and make peace with what they do. In fact, having a problem is not a big problem at all. What we lack is perspective i.e. the way to look at the problem. No two persons are same; their thoughts, ideas, ideals, values vary and this beauty of diverse visions helps you to grow and evolve. Suicide is not a mean to an end. I understand that when facing problems one feel depressed, curses himself for making bad choices, feels that world is closing on him and he has nowhere to go, no one to rely upon but please believe me when I say that it is not the reason to end your life.

The power is YOU

This thinking of being alone is purely psychological. All of us have that one special person be it mother, father, sibling, a relative or friend but we are never alone. It is only our subconscious thoughts filled with self-doubts and shame that makes us difficult to approach anyone for help. And let’s face it when we really have nobody even then we are not lonely in our plight, we have OURSELVES!

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Yes, why give up on ourselves? We human beings are said to be a selfish creature which is true. Scientists have proved time and again the self-centred nature of humans. So it is in our blood to think of ourselves, to take one’s being as a priority especially in adverse situations. So how can anyone defy nature? It is our inherent property. It is in our DNA. This desire of leaving one’s mark behind for future generation to see this inner burning feeling of being at the top of the world is something that fuels us to keep going no matter what. So why submit yourself to your circumstances, when feeling down let this innate feeling take control, be a little selfish, egocentric and choose yourself.

Ugly truth

Now let’s take a look at the brutal side of this picture, the ugly truth. I am talking about when people think suicide as an easy way out of their problems. Do you really think that ending your life will solve all of your problems? Sure your problems will definitely end but what about the people connected to you? They will be sad and mourn your death but they will also blame themselves. They will think that your death might have something to do with them. They will try to remember bits of last conversations they had with you and try to find clues as to what made you take that step. They will think about various scenarios of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what could haves’ and drown themselves in endless guilt. They won’t be living a normal life anymore.

What’s more, they have to face humiliation too. People these days lack morality, instead of consoling the aggrieved they like to throw stone when one is feeling down. Their mean speculations behind your death will not let any family member of yours to have a good night’s sleep. All of this will lead to the development of a vicious cycle of guilt and shame. The taunts, crude remarks, dirty gestures, painting white as black, the truth will be smeared and their hard-earned dignity will be razed to the ground. Everything will be questioned and accused and declared guilty without any actual verdict. What can you do stop them, nothing as you are DEAD.

Suicide is only a cowardly way out for spineless creatures not an answer to your unavoidable problems. Do you think that after your death you will have another chance, another shot at life; that God will be merciful to someone who degrades its greatest gift- life. I personally do not think so. Reincarnations are fictional and if true than granted to those who are worthy and not some moral lacking milksop.

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Yes, you can feel depressed with your situation, you can blame everyone for it, even yourself, you can take out your anger by beating up numerous sandbags, you can drain your sorrow along with alcohol for a while but you cannot end your life just like that. After venting yourself seek help. There are numerous self-help groups, people trying to reach out to you all the time. All you have to do is take the initiative, that one step out of hundred to reach your goal. It is often said that there is a rainbow after the heavy pour.   So go out there, look for your proverbial rainbow and fill your life with all the colours that you can find.

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