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8 Countries With The Best Varieties Of Food

Your amma chefs the finest diet eternally in the cosmos; It’s a known secret! Nevertheless, if you ever desire to explore food which can never beat “amma ke Ghar ka khana”. When you are out of the home you certainly require few mentions to be aware of the assortment of

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Recipe To Make Millionaires Squares

May the Millionaire Square force be with you. Recipe Alert! And sweet-tooths this one will surely brighten up your day. This shortbread biscuit+caramel+chocolate tower is here to win your hearts and calm our cravings. Primary Ingredient:- CARAMEL Confectioners created sweet-gold when they thought of Caramel. It's magical how this delightful syrup can add

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A Cool History of Ice Cream

With summer almost heavy on us, let’s start talking about one of the most important and favourite coolants of all-the ice-cream! Who doesn’t love a creamy bowl of chilling chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or maybe all three, topped off with nuts, fruits, and toppings of your choice? But have you

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