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Silvia Caballero: A Rising Star In The Microbiome Field

It has been more than a decade since scientists have discovered antibiotic drug resistance species. It is believed that in the upcoming 20 years, nearly everyone is going to get affected by these resistant variants of microbes or superbugs. That is why Silvia Caballero feels an urgent rush to develop

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ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Touching Down Moon’s South Pole

The proudest moment for India as Chandrayaan 2 launched by ISRO on 22nd July will be touching down on the south pole of the moon. This historic event will take place around 1:50 am on the morning of Saturday. The Chandrayaan is a three-module spacecraft consisting of orbiter, rover, and

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Dhivya Suryadevara Changing The History Of General Motors

Two women running the show and changing the history of General Motors Let’s think about it, there are so many women that are thriving and succeeding in the auto industry globally but there aren’t too many in leadership roles. Therefore, Women deserve more credit because they can lead and succeed as

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