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The Tunday Kababi Of Lucknow

The best way to understand India is to know its dynasty of food, culture, tradition, and monuments that never fades away. Above all, this dynasty of ours has years of history linked to it. With culture, tradition, and monuments you must've analyzed what this article is going to be about.

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Recipe To Make Millionaires Squares

May the Millionaire Square force be with you. Recipe Alert! And sweet-tooths this one will surely brighten up your day. This shortbread biscuit+caramel+chocolate tower is here to win your hearts and calm our cravings. Primary Ingredient:- CARAMEL Confectioners created sweet-gold when they thought of Caramel. It's magical how this delightful syrup can add

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Vegan Lemon Muffins Sky Blue Spirulina Recipe

When life gives you lemons, this time...make lemon muffins out of it.  A healthy option can make sure of a wealthy, sound body. Vegan foods are trending and are very beneficial for the human body. Because of its rich nutrients and fibre content, it helps to maintain good body weight as

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