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The Rat Race Between Computers And Human Brains

  Introduction Until a few years ago, the goal was to achieve the smallest size of the chip, which could solve even the most complex problems. We saw tiny yet sophisticated chips running intricate engineering equipment. Well, that was called the "Very Large-Scale Integration" which sort to become a mania in engineering! Around

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India Welcomes A New Education Policy After 34 Years

National Education Policy A.K.A. NEP: India's New Education Policy India welcomes a new education policy after 34 years, as the Modi government has unveiled its cards on 29th July 2020. Cited by academicians and students alike across the country as an “Education system fit for the 21st century”. This new policy

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5 Technologies That Will Change How We Travel In The Future

There is no doubt that our future will be full of advanced technology that will make our lives easy and us lazy XD. Whether it is household work, office work, entertainment or even travel, all sectors will encounter changes. Tourism sector is going through a huge shift with the latest

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Technical Ideas to Save World From COVID19

"Technology - often characterized as an industry that benefits only the privileged - is additionally helping people to fight against the covid19" The technology uses several things. In this pandemic scenario, it is helping to fight with covid19 in many ways. Some of the scenarios where technology is helping are: Positioning

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History Of Deep Learning

Learning is simple, isn't it? It was not at all easy to learn but all of us were taught and slowly we started learning to upgrade ourselves. Likewise, we teach a machine by configuring features and algorithms. The idea behind deep learning is to build learning algorithms that mimic brains. What

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ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Touching Down Moon’s South Pole

The proudest moment for India as Chandrayaan 2 launched by ISRO on 22nd July will be touching down on the south pole of the moon. This historic event will take place around 1:50 am on the morning of Saturday. The Chandrayaan is a three-module spacecraft consisting of orbiter, rover, and

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