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Best Places To Travel With The Lowest Budget In India

Introduction Travelling gets a person out of their comfort zone, away from all their ordinary pleasures, busy life, schedules, all tensions, and way of doing common things. The most fun part of traveling is experiencing different cultures and traditions. Escape, experience, and enjoy a different culture, have an epic adventure &

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Ruins of Hampi: The Entirety Of Our past

Introduction Ever wondered how ruins can be entirety? If you are someone who loves exploring historical sites, then this blog is a bliss for you. The place we are talking about in this blog is a must-visit for everyone. We are talking about the magnificent city of ruins- Hampi.  Most of you

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Top 10 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

When individuals contemplate about UAE, they are fast to focus only on Dubai. But then the capital? Abu Dhabi has affluence of countless events, vital edifying divisions, and unbelievable construction! I have charted out the top 10 things to experience and do in Abu Dhabi. Be it shopping to philosophy

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5 Technologies That Will Change How We Travel In The Future

There is no doubt that our future will be full of advanced technology that will make our lives easy and us lazy XD. Whether it is household work, office work, entertainment or even travel, all sectors will encounter changes. Tourism sector is going through a huge shift with the latest

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The Most Extravagant Stepwells In India

India has been home to numerous great civilizations. As a result, India has contributed something extraordinary to the grandeur of world architecture. Reflecting the importance of water in India, ‘stepwells’ are another feature that tells us some unsung facts from the culture of our country. Known variously as baoris, baolis

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Great Wall Of India – Kumbhalgarh Fort

As we all know that India is flooded with a fascinating variety of monuments reflecting diversity in cultures. Forts are the heritage that stands as a remembrance and a significant symbol for our vast culture. Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second largest fort in India after Chittor Fort.     HISTORY Built-in the 15th century in

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