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The Journey Of Laddoo From A Medicine To The Much Loved Indian Sweet

We have a national flag, national animals, national flower, and so on. What if the one-day government of India decides to have the national sweet of India. Just guess..!! I know what’s going on in your mind, “mmmm mann me laddoo foota”, a myriad of images pops up in your mind and your taste buds begin to drool, right.

Whenever you go to the sweet shop, you can’t miss your eyes on the laddoo on the shelf. If it’s any festival or celebration, it is omnipresent as an expression of cheer. From Besan Ke Laddoo, Til Ke Laddoo, Motichoor Ke Laddoo, Boondi Ke Laddoo to Pinni Laddu and Coconut Laddoo. The list of varieties of ladoos is countless. In India, every region has a variety of its own.

Laddoo As Medicine

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Let’s sink into the syrup of the discovery of sweet laddoo. Ladoo being the sweetest was discovered by the father of Indian surgery and medicine Sushruta. Sushruta is the author of Sushruta Samhita or The Compendium of Sushruta.  In the 4th century BC, Sushruta used laddoos as ayurvedic medicines. He used laddoos as an antiseptic to treat his surgical patients. These laddoos were created by ingredients like jaggery, sesame seeds covered with honey, and peanuts with a small amount of medicine into them. The seeds covered with honey are known to have antibacterial properties. The seeds and jaggery altogether is considered to have enormous health advantages in Ayurveda including indigestion, maintaining blood pressure, maintain healthy bones, curing a cold and cough.

Laddoo As Immune Booster

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In the past, laddoos are given to adolescent girls for the purpose to balance their hormones. These laddoos are made of fenugreek seeds, an ingredient known to have several benefits for women. These seeds are especially effective in ease painful menstrual cramps. Treatment led to the discovery of some of the popular laddoos including methi, makhana, and sonth. In addition, new mothers and pregnant women are given laddoos to boost their immunity.

Laddoo As Sign Of Good Luck


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At the time of the Chola empire, Nariyal Nakuru or Coconut Laddoo comes from the South. It was packed and given to travelers and warriors as a symbol of good luck during wars. The coconut laddoo has a long shelf life which adds advantage and laddoo lasts long for days and even months.

Introduction Of White Sugar In Laddoo

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There’s a huge change came around the arrival of the British era. The large-scale industrial production of refined white sugar, the sweeter version of laddoo introduced in our lives. There was no turning back for the sweetness. Sweeter versions of laddoos started gaining widespread popularity. An excellent example is an old shop named ‘Thaggu Ke Ladoo’ (a thug’s laddoo) in the city of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Ram Avtar Pandey, the founder of the confectionery, created a trademark laddoo use suji (semolina), khoya (a milk-based ingredient), and refined sugar which was termed ‘white poison’ because of its connection with the British.

The evolution of a sweet journey began with medicine to journey through the temples in prayer rituals and offering to God to celebrations. They are distributed as the prasadam without partiality in temples. The richest Hindu temple – the Tirupati Temple, located in Tamil Nadu, India sold over 10 crores (100 million) laddoos each year.


So, whenever you visit Kanpur in India, do make a quick break at the renowned “Thaggu Ke Laddoo”.